Colors: 16 


Design #: 9551399
Price: $2.97
Design Details
Size (in): 4.09"(w) x 4.41"(h)
Size (mm): 104 x 112
Stitches: 8000
Colors: 16 Color Chart: View | Print
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sheep applique easter
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Thank you, so very, very generous of you to give so many lovely designs to us for free. It certainly helps those with limited income to build up a fantastic library.
Thank you
Judy - Western Australia

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Thanks so much for the cute free designs. I have got so many adorable designs now to find the time to sew them. Love them so much. I was wondering since my subscription has expired is it still ok for me to come back and print the accompanying design colors at a later date when I am ready to sew them?

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very, very cute. Just what I need now, I was looking for something to put on a babyblanket for my new, coming grandchild.

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Thank you for the cute sheep design! I may use it on my new granddaughter's quilt.

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