by gignac 06 Feb 2014

my two new pot holder as you can see i have tested a new petal!!


by mycarole 09 Feb 2014

Hello Gignac, your potholders are absolutely gorgeous. Your sun flower with the heart shape petals are beautiful. They look like little daisies. I have potholders made by grandmother that are 50 years old and look very much like the ones on the right. Sunflowers and daisies never seem to go out of style. Bravo.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 09 Feb 2014

Hi my carol...if you like this pattern, the link to purchase the original is below...

mycarole by mycarole 10 Feb 2014

Actually I made some very similar with leftover fabric. Thank you for the link.

by oaro 07 Feb 2014

they do look great

by hagridsmom 06 Feb 2014

I did go to the site and look at the inspiration photos - they are wonderful in themselves - so many uses that I would not have thought of. the baby is so cute! Have not been following this thread but it's a shame that it's getting ugly. Maybe a language difficulty to start with?

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noah by noah 06 Feb 2014

in Canadian money their $9.09 a design :(:(To much for me i like dollar deals lol

by marfa 06 Feb 2014

oh, so nice! thanks a lot for link

by pldc 06 Feb 2014

oh yikes

pldc by pldc 06 Feb 2014

I wish that I had known before that you did not actually design this yourself but you tweaked stickbraer designs. I think that your suppose to tell us that you got it from her site & Kim is right your not allow to change their designs and then represented as your own

gignac by gignac 06 Feb 2014

i never said that is my own design the only thing i said is that i change for me only some petals and the middle but you know i am able to made one for my self but i bought this design at stickbaer

rescuer by rescuer 06 Feb 2014

You not allowed to change the design without her permission. Please read the site information on it.

gignac by gignac 07 Feb 2014

thanks for your information i send a mail to stickbaer to explain and i create my own pattern so i can change what i want on i only wanted to explain what you can create with sutch a nice pattern

pldc by pldc 07 Feb 2014

thank you for letting us know. I appreciate it. Hugs Loralye

by dragonflyer 06 Feb 2014

This appears to be the design from Der Stickbaer...their terms of use o not allow their designs to be changed and then represented as your own...

rescuer by rescuer 06 Feb 2014

Thank you for posting the links. I hope everyone gets a chance to see the issue before the post is removed.

mops by mops 06 Feb 2014

I hope gignac sees it, so far all comments seem to fall on deaf ears.

by sonjapotgieter 06 Feb 2014

Wow!!They are so Gorgeous...Well done!!!!!Love them

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highlandermom by highlandermom 06 Feb 2014

Yes Stickbaer the link on here does make beautiful work.

by capoodle 06 Feb 2014

They are lovely and can't wait to see flowers blooming in a couple more months.

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highlandermom by highlandermom 06 Feb 2014

I hope you meant in your flower bed as I do to. Also at Stickbaer link above as they deserve the praise.