by fannyfurkin 06 Feb 2014

Brother Scan n cut.

Finally, 5 minutes to sit down an write this. I got my machine just over a week ago. there is a bit of a learning curve. Reading the instructions would have been a good idea, but why start now? The machine comes with cutting mats and some support mats which are adhesive sheet that you stick on the mats to prevent the scan mat from getting covered in lint and loosing it's tackiness. The mats in Australia cost around $30 - $36 and you can cut through them. I did of course. The support mat sticky things are around $26 for 4. I thought that was crazy expensive as they loose the stickiness real fast when you are cutting fabric. So I thought surely some clear contact would do the trick and for $1 for 2.5 meters it sure does do the trick. it also works to repair the scan mat if you have been silly enough to cut through it. put the contact on the back of the scan mat and it works fine. of course if you cut through it continuously it will be beyond repair. there is a test pattern which is a tiny little square triangle and corner cut. Use these every time you change the media.
I have used it to cut my applique pieces for applique I digitised ages ago and could not be bothered stitching. I was really impressed with the accuracy of the cutting. Overall I am happy with the machine and I think it will come in very handy for things like badges that I am often asked to do.


by sandralochran 28 Feb 2014

Alice I ended up getting one from Echidna--Just found your poat on the machine.Thanks for your info about the clear contact.I am waiting to see when they will be coming to Toowoomba to demonstrate it--sandra

by askmcv 28 Feb 2014

Hi, I have another question. Which model do you have, the red one [CM100DM] or the blue one [CM550DX]?

by graceandham 18 Feb 2014

I bit the bullet and bought it. My dealer still had his introductory price AND he had a return today from a lady whose hubby bought it for her at Christmas when what she wanted was an embroidery machine. So, he knocked off $50 more because it's used and replaced the mat she had tried out with a brand new one. We played on it for about an hour because he is teaching a class on it in two days and hasn't figured it all out himself.

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spendlove by spendlove 19 Feb 2014

Lucky you! Keep us informed.

by askmcv 10 Feb 2014

Thank you, Alice, for your review. I was thinking of getting one. Thanks also for the tip on the clear contact...won't waste my money on the sheets they sell.

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fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 13 Feb 2014

I am sure the dealier will tell you that you can't use clear contact, but it works fine for me. :)

by dailylaundry 06 Feb 2014

Alice thanks for letting us know what you think of this machine!!! I love the pics you included as it does show how nice the cuts fit into the appliques! Now I have to make a decision or think about it for a while! LOL - thanks again, Laura*

by kazza 06 Feb 2014

Great to hear, I have seen this machine demonstrated at our local sewing machine shop and was quite impressed with it. But the price is $699.00 Aussie dollars and I went ouch!

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glad by glad 27 Feb 2014

The Silhoute I have just ordered is half the price in Australia,
A friend of mine that has it recommended it, as I could not afford 699.00 either.

by noah 06 Feb 2014

Looks great from Canada:):)hugs

by alex2embro 06 Feb 2014

They look really nice! Tell me where I can find a picture of this machine,

Good luck to your future projects as well!

Thanks for sharing.

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kazza by kazza 06 Feb 2014

On the Brother site there will be one.

by sewmom 06 Feb 2014

Thank you for sharing. I've heard a lot about these lately but I can't justify a new toy : )

by capoodle 06 Feb 2014

Thanks for figuring it out and the contact money saving tip. Could have used this for lots of school things when my kids were little and if I find the need in the future I will remember your information.

by 02kar Moderator 06 Feb 2014

Thanks for sharing and for the great tips too.

by cfidl 06 Feb 2014

I can hardly wait to get a cutting machine does the scan and cut connect to the computer, is there any software with it? I am thinking format conversion or paint. Thanks so much for this review.

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fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 07 Feb 2014

It does not connect to the computer it scans directly into the machine or you can use the patterns that are on the machine or from a usb stick, Brother has a site where you can create the svg files but I have not had time to really test that out.

by asterixsew Moderator 06 Feb 2014

Alice thanks for the very detailed results that you have had with your new addition to your sewing/embroidering machines. It looks very interesting but while I am interested I am not planning on buying in the near future. I loved your comment on not reading the instructions - a woman after my own heart

by hightechgrammy 06 Feb 2014

Thank you, Alice for sharing what you are learning about this new machine! I really considered getting it also. But, I decided I just didn't want to branch out that far. I have so much to do now, and so little space, I decided not to add another element to my hobby - at least for now. It sure looked like lots of fun! Thanks for the great info!

by spendlove Moderator 06 Feb 2014

Thanks for sharing. I still haven't decided whether or not to treat myself.

dennis999 by dennis999 06 Feb 2014

Oh, go on know you want to......

asterixsew by asterixsew 06 Feb 2014

Sue just think of the fun you will have with one AND the new ideas you can create

dennis999 by dennis999 06 Feb 2014

Caroline is, of course, quite right but just remember to read the instruction manual before you start using it! tsk....tsk

asterixsew by asterixsew 06 Feb 2014

Sue is a sensible woman and reads instructions and writes good ones for her designs too

dennis999 by dennis999 06 Feb 2014


Patricia109 by Patricia109 19 Feb 2014

I have heard there are 2 versions of this machine, so research well before purchasing. (as per usual) :-)

by marianb 06 Feb 2014

So over-all you think it works well and is worth the money? next thing is can I come over for some lessons I'm in Sydney...

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 07 Feb 2014

Sure Marianb, I am in Brisbane so any time you are up this way let me know.

Patricia109 by Patricia109 19 Feb 2014

Marianb, Echidna Club are having a day on 5 April in Sydney and they will be showing the Cut N Scan as part of the day. I am not interested in it myself. But the other stuff from the day does interest me.