by CymbleneJones 23 Jan 2014

I'm not sure this is in the correct category. But I need to know what format, size, etc. you all put your photos in to upload them. I decided to try uploading one of my projects, but it sits for over an hour without uploading. What am I doing wrong?


by gerryvb 24 Jan 2014

I saw you've got some answers already. I always used Explorer (still do) but when I have to upload a picture I do have to use Chrome: explorer does not work on this site anymore with uploads, even if it's a small size and Jpg.

by airyfairy 24 Jan 2014

When I post a project I just change my camera setting to e mail. Sarah.

by spendlove Moderator 24 Jan 2014

I resize my pictures (jpg) to less than 1500 in either direction and use google chrome.
Good luck!

by mranderson 24 Jan 2014

This sounds crazy but what I do is send the photo to myself in an email as an attachment then when I get the email I save the attachment back to my pictures folder then upload them to projects.
When I send them to myself as an attachment they download in a size suitable for email. Hope this makes sense. Hugs marg

by pennifold 23 Jan 2014

Hi Jonesy, I've posted a couple of pictures to show you where you can locate the size of the picture.

In mine it shows the size of jpeg as 34.65 - that size is for the green and pink dress I made for Aqualina.

I suggest you go have a look at a PROJECT PICTURE right click on the picture and down the bottom it says VIEW IMAGE INFO click on that and a page will come up like the one below giving you the dimensions etc. I hope this will help you out. Some of mine are bigger than this size, and some smaller. If you are still having trouble try making the images smaller. Good luck love Chris, Newcastle, Australia

CymbleneJones by CymbleneJones 23 Jan 2014

Thanks, Chris. I think the problem is that I was using Internet Explorer, so I'm downloading Google Chrome & will try with it.

pennifold by pennifold 24 Jan 2014

Thanks for replying "jonesy" - glad you have downloaded Google Chrome - hope that was the only issue. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Jan 2014

These are the things I know that work.
Jpeg format
less then 500 kb
and not using explorer to upload but use google chrome or firefox
Good luck

CymbleneJones by CymbleneJones 23 Jan 2014

Thanks for your answer. Does Explorer simply not work to upload, or do you mean that you haven't used it?

jrob by jrob 23 Jan 2014

When Internet Explorer did the last upgrade it did something to the photo loading, so Chrome or Firefox will get you fixed right up.

CymbleneJones by CymbleneJones 23 Jan 2014

Thank you, I just saw this posted to someone else & think this could be my problem. I'm now downloading Google Chrome & will give it a try. I had even down-sized my photos 4 times, thinking it was a size issue, but nothing helped. Thanks again. I'm learning!