by sadp 13 Jan 2014

My very first embroidery project. This little pillow has 82975 sts and 18 colour changes. Madeira thread was used. Thanks for looking, hugs S*


by basketkase 16 Jan 2014

Missed this and wow is it a beauty, so glad I got to see it....thanks for sharing!

by frambouille03 16 Jan 2014

Quel beau travail !!! C'est super beau. Félicitations

by venetia 14 Jan 2014

What a beautiful pillow. With the lace inserts and the charming cottage design the pillow looks from the "old world era".

by lilylyn 13 Jan 2014

Lovely work. Lot of stitches for a newbie.... LOL.. Well done, Lyn

by babash 13 Jan 2014

Wonderful so much work.

by hagridsmom 13 Jan 2014

It's lovely - where is the design located? I love cottager look things. That's a lot of stitches!

by capoodle 13 Jan 2014

Beautiful scenic design.

by yvh 13 Jan 2014

It's lovely ! You did a great job!

by oaro 13 Jan 2014

beautiful work

by rsloan 13 Jan 2014

Beautiful - send us some more pictures as you do new projects.

by pennifold 13 Jan 2014

Hi Shirley, you've done a beautiful job on this little pillow. Well done on the colours - it looks so inviting as if you could just walk down the garden path up to the front door. Of course, the lady of the house would invite you in and you could then have a lovely cup of tea out in the beautiful garden. Love Chris

by shirley124 13 Jan 2014


by teun 13 Jan 2014

Wowwwww ein wunderschönes Kissen

by sonjapotgieter 13 Jan 2014

It looks Stunning!!!Well done.....Nice work

by buffy1 13 Jan 2014

beautiful! Great job!

by debswebster 13 Jan 2014

What a lovely picture, perfect for a cushion. Well done for persevering and completing it. What size is the design?

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sadp by sadp 13 Jan 2014

The size is 140cm x150cm

by jrob Moderator 13 Jan 2014

It's quite lovely!

by sewdeb 13 Jan 2014

Fabulous project - you have every right to be proud!

by pennyhal 13 Jan 2014

The use of lace and this cottage in this pillow is just perfect. I don't know that I'd ever attemp a project with so many stitches. Do you know what caused your broken needles?

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sadp by sadp 13 Jan 2014

the cause of broken needles....inexperience, and over-enthusiasm and maybe down right stupidity to start on something like this. Today I approach things differently, lol

by noah 13 Jan 2014

excellent Keep Going Girly Hugs Carolyn

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sadp by sadp 13 Jan 2014

...thanx, hugs S*

by pldc 13 Jan 2014

wow that is quite an amazing FIRST attempt! I can't wait to see what you do next! This is just lovely! hugs Loralye

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sadp by sadp 13 Jan 2014

...thanx, hugs S*

by lenamae 13 Jan 2014

Very pretty you did really great on this.

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sadp by sadp 13 Jan 2014

thank you

by dragonflyer 13 Jan 2014

Nicely done...looks like an English Garden and Cottage..beautiful!

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sadp by sadp 13 Jan 2014

thank you

by 02kar Moderator 13 Jan 2014

Yipppeee for you. Congrats on the first finished project. Keep them coming

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sadp by sadp 13 Jan 2014


by highlandermom 13 Jan 2014

Lovely pillow glad you stuck at it.

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sadp by sadp 13 Jan 2014

thank you

by dhammika 13 Jan 2014

looks great

by rescuer Moderator 13 Jan 2014

Beautifully done! Thank you for posting.

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sadp by sadp 13 Jan 2014

I must thank you....hugs S*

by lucerba 13 Jan 2014

C'est splendide !

1 comment
sadp by sadp 13 Jan 2014

thank you

by michemb 13 Jan 2014

very nice and dainty great job on your first one

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sadp by sadp 13 Jan 2014


by spendlove Moderator 13 Jan 2014

That looks lovely - well done!

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sadp by sadp 13 Jan 2014


by mops Moderator 13 Jan 2014

Very ambitious for a first project, but you did a great job on this. It looks gorgeous!

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sadp by sadp edited 13 Jan 2014

Hi mops, this was not my first embroidery done on the machine, it was my very first project I completed. I had many broken needles and frustrations, but in the end it turned out well. I was planning to make a set but this one was quite enough, hugs S*