by bonnetgirl 10 Jan 2014

Hello ladies. Still running back and forth like a chicken without a head but always have time to stop by and say hello and see what you all are sewing. I finished another doll last night and thought you might like to see her. I call her the Purple Princess but when I get the Fairy wings done she will be the Purple Fairy....This is my first one of this kind and by no means is it the last. I can see her dancing into a little girls heart can't you? Love and Hugs Joann


by bumblebee 11 Jan 2014

You have done a wonderful job- she will bring great joy to a little girl

by debbiep 11 Jan 2014

SEW CUTE! Dolls light up a little girls world, and some of us big girls! Thank you for sharing the site you got the design from, well, my husband is frowning, but I am shopping!!!
You did a beautiful job!

by lidiad 11 Jan 2014

That's beautiful, you have done a great job!
Hugs, Lidia

by babsie 11 Jan 2014

She is lovely without wings and will be another lovely "person" with wings. Hugs

by airyfairy 11 Jan 2014

Absolutely stunning. Just love her.

by miami 11 Jan 2014

She is beautiful

by sewilso 10 Jan 2014

She is definitely a cutie!!!

by jerrib 10 Jan 2014

She is so adorable and even has diamond earrings. I don't have any little girls to make one for, but would love one just for me. Her face is excellent. Is this your own pattern or a bought one...I am sure others would like to know where it came from

jerrib by jerrib 10 Jan 2014

What did you make the bought out of, it looks like it has a shimmer to it?

jerrib by jerrib 10 Jan 2014

Sorry, I should have read all the posts. I see where you got the pattern, thank you.

by drh2276 10 Jan 2014

So, so, cute!

by sonjapotgieter 10 Jan 2014

Wow...She Looks Awesome!!!Well done

by capoodle 10 Jan 2014

So many details and she looks perfect in purple.

by marfa 10 Jan 2014

she is cute

by lilylady 10 Jan 2014

She is perfect and love colors and all. Great Job!

by cfidl 10 Jan 2014

so adorable! thanks for sharing.

by michemb 10 Jan 2014

she is really cute,

by spendlove Moderator 10 Jan 2014

She is a real sweetie!

by graceandham 10 Jan 2014


by precious 10 Jan 2014

She is precious. Where do u buy this design? Would love to make one for m granddaughter. The colour is her Mum's and hers.

by oaro 10 Jan 2014

she is cute

by pldc 10 Jan 2014

Oh she is just precious! super job here Janet, ~hugs~

by shozo1271 10 Jan 2014

Absolutely adorable! I can see you wanting to make one in every color! Thanks for showing us your pic, she is beautiful!

by noah 10 Jan 2014

cute for sure hugs

by dragonflyer 10 Jan 2014

Oh, Joanne....she is ADORABLE!! Is she done ITH...and is she your own pattern? Love her!

bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 10 Jan 2014

she is ITH and the pattern is from Nobbie Neez Kids. That woman is amazing with her designs. I can't seem to leave her site. I have so many thing to make from her place I don't think I will get them done. If you facebook like her page...she shows all her patterns there one week before she puts on site...Also she sells a weekly of all of her designs site unseen for so little. I got this doll in a weekly purchase (around 20.00) she has tons of boys things also.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 10 Jan 2014

Thanks, bonnetgirl...I will have to check out it out!

by highlandermom 10 Jan 2014

Love her and she will win even older girls hearts.

by bonnetgirl 10 Jan 2014

Forgot to add I put crystals in her ears .

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pldc by pldc 10 Jan 2014