by ruthc 10 Jan 2014

3 more tree skirts I made 6 instead of 5 lol the poinsettia skirt is Elsa's Designs, the other 2 are mostly Names used 8 claws and a paw fonts


by lidiad 11 Jan 2014

They are gorgeous!
Hugs, Lidia

by rescuer Moderator 10 Jan 2014

Nicely done!

by christracey 10 Jan 2014

These look lovely too. It looks as though one has just the family name & the other one could be all the members of the family. I did think about putting the family name on the one I made.

by sonjapotgieter 10 Jan 2014

They are gorgeous

by oaro 10 Jan 2014

nice job

by pldc 10 Jan 2014

well done, ~hugs~

by noah 10 Jan 2014

excellent work hugs

by highlandermom 10 Jan 2014

These are great love the name added.

by jrob Moderator 10 Jan 2014

How wonderful they are!

by cfidl 10 Jan 2014

That is so sweet to put the names of the folks on the tree skirt! Makes it a sentimental heirloom! Beautiful work!

by dentalclogger 10 Jan 2014

Very nice do u have patterns for the skirts or where to get them?

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ruthc by ruthc 11 Jan 2014

the pattern came from sew4home lookunder their projects. I added the ruffle which os doubled like i cut 4 strips 6 inches wide sewed them together to make a long stip then folded them with wrong sides together in half to make a 3 inch width by 180 inches long then just matched a section of ruffle to every other section of the skirt then worked in my pleats. Covered the back section of skirt with batting placed rightsides together after placing my bow sections to top. and if you do not want a bow just leave off and place velcro strips where you need them the sew sections together leave a spot for turnining then turn right side out and stitch the hole closed make sure you clip curves so it lays flat. I added my embroidery to each section either before or after sewing the top together does not matter when you do it. but if unsure about a design sew it out first on a scrap

by michemb 10 Jan 2014

these are all great, very colorful