by sbott54 09 Jan 2014

I thought you might want the patterns I used to make my great-nephew's pajamas for Christmas. Each of the patterns were free and easy to use. They fit him perfectly and he loved them, so much so that he's sleeping in them every night. Warms my heart to know he loved them. I also made a couple of toys to go with the PJs.


by noah 09 Jan 2014

love your story u are a good Grammie hugs

by jid53 09 Jan 2014

Great job

by oaro 09 Jan 2014

you did great job

by jofrog2000 09 Jan 2014

Adorable, Mater is still my youngest Grandson's favorite. The slippers look interesting.

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sbott54 by sbott54 09 Jan 2014

He wears them to bed, too. And the Velcro helps them stay on throughout the night.

by means 09 Jan 2014

WOW, I can see why he loves them.. I have to go ck out the site as these would be great for my GGS
Thank you so much for sharing and the link

by pldc 09 Jan 2014

very cute,~hugs~& thanks for the links too

by highlandermom 09 Jan 2014

Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

by cfidl 09 Jan 2014

great pajama set! They look so nice and warm. You have a winner!

by rescuer Moderator 09 Jan 2014

These are adorable! Nicely done!

by sewilso 09 Jan 2014

Very cute set!!!! He ought to love that!

by justsew 09 Jan 2014

you have done a wonderful job, well done, I bet he loves them. and thank you so much for this link to the great site.
Hugs Pam.

by capoodle 09 Jan 2014

You did a wonderful job making him so many things with the car fabric.

by CraftySharon 09 Jan 2014

they look very nice. My nieces would love these as he is a Cars fan.
kind regards
Crafty Sharon

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sbott54 by sbott54 09 Jan 2014

Thank you. Everything is either cars or Elmo with him. The fabric is from Joann's and is a nice flannel to keep him toasty during this cold winter.

by airyfairy 09 Jan 2014

Beautifully made. A very happy birthday to you. Sarah.

sbott54 by sbott54 09 Jan 2014

Thank you! My husband got caught out of state during the snowstorm and won't be home for my 60th birthday. So your well-wishing warms my heart.

highlandermom by highlandermom 09 Jan 2014

Heres a birthday hug ♥ Mary

by sbott54 09 Jan 2014

Here are the other links.

toogie by toogie 09 Jan 2014

Thanks for the links,I love to sew.Your set would have that reaction on any little fellow, it is so cute! I do hope he takes them off during the day,to wash sometimes.-LOL Happy Birthday, sorry your husband will miss it, but it could be worse,I had my gall bladder surgery,for my birthday!-LOL

sbott54 by sbott54 09 Jan 2014

Ouch indeed! I hate abomenal surgery the most. Every breath hurts, eh? Thanks so much!