by ruthc 08 Jan 2014

Blanket i did to raffle off for our local Booster Club


by noah 10 Jan 2014

Someone will love it great job hugs

by cfidl 10 Jan 2014

Fantastic blanket! You are a Master! Thanks for sharing, this is really a great way to help any organization.

by ruthc 10 Jan 2014

thank you all for the wonderful comments. A young man won the blanket and he loved it. They did not sell tickets just had folks fill them out and put in a jar and a girl picked him out of the jar. The Latexo Tigers were all delighted with it they had over 300 people fill out tickets which is more than the population of the

by anagha 08 Jan 2014

animal print is just perfect...!!
well done..

by capoodle 08 Jan 2014

Nice job and they must have been delighted to receive this for their raffle.

by jrob Moderator 08 Jan 2014

Great job! I'm sure you will have great success with this. ;)

by rescuer Moderator 08 Jan 2014

The paw prints are perfect!

by blueeyedblonde 08 Jan 2014

looks great!

by highlandermom 08 Jan 2014

Looks great! Love the fabric. Sure to sell many tickets for the Club.

by laffma1 08 Jan 2014

Love the animal print fabric!! Really nicely done. I'm sure you will sell lots of tickets for the raffle with this lovely blanket.

by oaro 08 Jan 2014

nice job

by radmom 08 Jan 2014

That is wonderful! If our HS band does another raffle, maybe I'll make a blanket instead of a towel set. I love the Tiger striped fabric accents! Very well done! I'm sure everyone is going to want to win it!

by pldc 08 Jan 2014

Lovely, hugs

ruthc by ruthc 08 Jan 2014

thank you

ruthc by ruthc 10 Jan 2014

thank you

ruthc by ruthc 13 Jan 2014

thank you