by beatie58 04 Jan 2014

4 Jan 2014 - Wow I know a lot of you are having cold weather with snow. Well today in Brisbane Australia we have a heatwave temp at 3pm is 44.9C so hot there is a breeze but that is hot too. not able to do much just keep up the fluids and read a book.. hugs Sally


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by noah edited 04 Jan 2014

sally i would rather be hot as cold it is -40 here :(:( Wanta change for a month or two??hugs Carolyn

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beatie58 by beatie58 04 Jan 2014

Yes lets trade places it never snows here and I so love your pics of the snow.

by airyfairy 04 Jan 2014

We are also experencing a tremendous heat wave. We have had no reain for nearly a month now and being by the coast the humidity is extremely high.

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beatie58 by beatie58 04 Jan 2014

I do not do well in the heat but today is nice about 33C really silly weather one day extreme next is 12dgs cooler

by lilylady 04 Jan 2014

Get on a plane come to Minnesota USA, Sunday nite -60 below. I have seen this twice in my life. Schools are already told to be closed Monday by the governor. Sorry so hot there.LOL

noah by noah 04 Jan 2014

oh boy sounds like here it only got to -44 here so far without the wind :(:(

lilylady by lilylady 04 Jan 2014

wait till MondayLOL

beatie58 by beatie58 04 Jan 2014

Yep on the next plane

by dollygk 04 Jan 2014

well dear Sally... this is normal summer temperatures for Saudi Arabia and that's why I'm soooooo happy to be visiting my sister in Florida and our temp this morning is 9C..... LOVELY he he he he

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beatie58 by beatie58 04 Jan 2014

Would love it to be 9C I do not do well in the heat.

by nonna57 04 Jan 2014

Awwww Sally ..Rose just sent me a txt saying Narangba was 43' As Marian said we have it a bit cooler here.Busy painting inside the house here. Hope my 3 girls are coping up there. Look after them please. Also Kerry and Kazza "))

graceandham by graceandham 04 Jan 2014

Paint tip - slice an onion very thin on a paper plate and put in the room being painted. When through, sack up and the paint odors go to the trash with the onion. Onion cells are designed to contain strong odors! Hope its pretty.

beatie58 by beatie58 04 Jan 2014

Good luck with the painting, I bought paint before finishing work as I worked for Dulux. so kids for my christmas present are going to paint the inside for me yippee..

by mrskiki 04 Jan 2014

So rub it in already! I love that kind of weather. Here in Texas when it gets to 100 degrees, most people look for an escape. Not me - I prefer it much to what is happening in the northeastern part of the US. Fix a nice tall glass of lemonade and enjoy! Hugs. Nan W

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beatie58 by beatie58 04 Jan 2014

Yes! never snows here not sure it would be so bad today though

by marianb 04 Jan 2014

Feel for you it only got to 38.C here in Western Sydney today.. I'm sure the weather has gone completely "potty" you not sure from one day to the next what it will be.. Hang in there Winters on it's way..

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beatie58 by beatie58 04 Jan 2014

I can not wait till winter.