by radmom 31 Dec 2013

Humbug Bags: I made these from Bev's Humbug from Basketkasse Designs. I modified it some and didn't do the coal saying on the back. Husband was worried that it might not be appropriate for our area with coal being so ingrained in the region. The Humbug stitched out wonderfully! Thank you! Oh, the jars are filled with apple pie boilo that my husband made for his co-workers.


by sonjapotgieter 01 Jan 2014

They look so cute...Well done!!!!

by tauberschmitt 01 Jan 2014

wow super gute Arbeit

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radmom by radmom 01 Jan 2014

vielen Dank!

by dragonflyer 01 Jan 2014

Hiccup...oh excuse this!

by noah 01 Jan 2014

oh i love them you had a great idea there hugs

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radmom by radmom 01 Jan 2014

Bev and basketkasse deserve the credit for the idea. I stole it and altered it for my hubby's boilo. :D

by jrob Moderator 01 Jan 2014

What a cute idea for your boilo! I know they enjoyed the wrapping as well as the contents.

by cfidl 01 Jan 2014

yum, I would love to try some! I bet it packs a punch!

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radmom by radmom 01 Jan 2014

Definitely! Hubby was drinking some for New Year's Eve last night!

by sewilso 01 Jan 2014

Those are great!!! Very nice gift! I work with a bah humbug person, would be a great idea next year for her.

by highlandermom 31 Dec 2013

These are so cute. I bet the receivers really loved the high octane warmth.

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radmom by radmom 01 Jan 2014

Hubby doesn't have work again until Monday night, so won't know for sure about the responses.

by capoodle 31 Dec 2013

The drink with kick is a fun thing to put in the bags. You two did a great job packaging these gifts.

by oaro 31 Dec 2013

great idea

by pldc 31 Dec 2013

wow these look terrific, what is Apple pie boilo? hugs Loralye

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radmom by radmom 01 Jan 2014

Apple Cider and "moonshine". We used Everclear in place of the moonshine. Around our area, they call it Redneck champagne, and drink it out of mason jars.

by cj2sew 31 Dec 2013

What a cute gift to give to friends. Love it.

by bevintex 31 Dec 2013

Aren't they cute. I made and sold 28 of them,didn't even have 1 left for myself. Texans loved the humbug. I love your packaging

cfidl by cfidl 01 Jan 2014


radmom by radmom 01 Jan 2014

They are cute and next time save one for yourself. I didn't keep one either, but at least I remembered to take a pic.