by ssampsel 29 Dec 2013

i have been looking for patterns to make g.i. joe clothes for gs because gd has loads of clothes for her barbies. i found some on ebay that would work, but in the description stated the copyright had expired & was now public domain. with that info i'm guessing it is a copy. is this legal to sell/purchase? i cannot find any ken/gi joe patterns in the fabric stores, no longer available.


by muffy 09 Jan 2014

Are you looking for sewing patterns or crochet/knit patterns? If you do a Goggle search and type in GI Joe Sewing Patterns will come up with several free patterns.
Muffy :)

by topcat5 09 Jan 2014

Years ago I made sweaters for my son's GI Joe's from their socks. Lost the instructions but found one for a hoodie for Barbie which can be made from a sock. Just use a boy's sock instead of girl's pretty socks. Only one sock is needed. There are 14 "pages" but each page has just one or two steps and a very good picture; then click the next page for the next instructions until you have reached page 14. There are more instructions for other clothing. Scroll down the list for the sock instructions. Have fun!

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by awesome1 edited 30 Dec 2013

I have this one- old (1961) but uncut. Is it one you're looking for? I copied the pix.

by jrob Moderator 29 Dec 2013

If it's the same one I looked at it's in the description as:
This auction is for a 1987 Butterick sewing pattern. It is pretty rare. I don't often see these on eBay. This is used and originally bought 2nd hand. It is from my personal collection.

by AuntAnnie 29 Dec 2013

Feel free to ask the eBay seller if the pattern is an original or a copy.

by rachap 29 Dec 2013

Wish I could help you but don't have that answer to that question. I can tell you that when my son was in the GI Joe stage, I made sleeping bags for he and his friends GI Joes and they all still remember how much fun they had taking the guys camping. You could get some different colors/designs of camoflage fabric and use the clothing that came with as a pattern. Also if you have a Hobby Lobby near, look in the area that they have the bandannas as they have a rack of different ones-cowboy/camo/animaletc- and for a dollar or so you can get enough fabric for several outfits.

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ssampsel by ssampsel 29 Dec 2013

thanks..any ideas are appreciated!!