by mad14kt 27 Dec 2013

12/27/2013 * Hello Cuties...I need a tip/hint PLEASE on how to store my X-actor knife that has no covering. I still have it in it's original packing. However; it could have got me if I wasn't paying attention...FIESTA ANYHOW...TIA ;D


by mamab 09 Jan 2014

I use an empty Mini M&M container....has to be the taller one though.....peeled the label off and wrote on it with marker. I use them for lots of things.....beads, crochet hooks, lots of misc small stuff!

by capoodle 01 Jan 2014

I went into a smoke shop and they gave me a few cigar tube with a push on lid. Some are plastic and there are some that are of metal with screw lids. Look at your marking pens like a permanent marker we call Sharpie in the US. A piece of Styrofoam or rubber eraser stuck on the sharp end until you can find a safe cover should help keep you safe.

by graceandham 01 Jan 2014

Cardboard to a custom length and width, duct tape to keep it closed. There's even pretty duct tape now.

by marjialexa Moderator 27 Dec 2013

Monica, some spray bottles, things like hair spray or sometimes cleaners, or bottles that have those pop-up opening tops--anyway, sometimes they have a clear plastic cover. These are small around, like the size of a child's fat crayon, or chalk, not the big huge covers. That could make a good cover, held on with rubber band or tape. Also, sometimes you can get a cheap travel toothbrush holder, not one that covers just the toothbrush head, but the whole length, and put your x-acto into that. Just remember to put the sharp end down, so you don't cut yourself when you open the holder. Best of luck, I hate sharp things in the drawer or bin--they find my fingers every time!! Hugs, Marji

gerryb by gerryb 28 Dec 2013

Mine came in a round plastic case. I think the toothbrush holder that actually closes (is 2 pieces) may work if the knife fits inside it completely. And they are colored so easy to find.

mad14kt by mad14kt 28 Dec 2013

Thanks ladies for the great ideas ;D

by jmweller 27 Dec 2013

A small cork might work, or a rubber eraser.

lindamarsh by lindamarsh 27 Dec 2013

You can make a cover for the sharp end using cardboard. Fold it over the sharp end and staple the cardboard together.

mad14kt by mad14kt 28 Dec 2013

Thanks ladies for the great ideas ;D

bugbyte441 by bugbyte441 09 Jan 2014

I have used the small rubber erasers that can be purchased for the ends of kids pencils. Place the sharp tip of X-actor knife into the hole where one would normally place a pencil. The wedge shape of the rubber eraser will keep the knife from rolling around on a table. The eraser will the last for may years and keep blades safe when in use frequently.

twee by twee 10 Jan 2014

I use a plastic tooth brush holder for the x-actor knife. Works great.