by poletticel 18 Dec 2013

CHRISTMAS CARDS. I made 5 another cards, I was fun to decorate with chrystals and others...Infortunately I don't have more papercards like this, I will try to find another ones, cause this work is finally addictive !!!


by teun 19 Dec 2013

Sehn ganz toll aus

by oaro 19 Dec 2013

the look beautiful

by castor 19 Dec 2013

Wonderfull Work,i hope the Receivers will appreciate them.hugs Ursula

by capoodle 19 Dec 2013

They are lovely.

by cfidl 18 Dec 2013

Wow They look great! I am sure you will find something to embroider on! Lol! Happy Stitching!

by noah 18 Dec 2013

excellent hugs and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

by zedna 18 Dec 2013

I have never embroidered cards...well done!

by vickiannette 18 Dec 2013

did you embroider directly onto the card? the cards are very lovely

poletticel by poletticel 19 Dec 2013

no, It's fsl projects I have glued with temporary adhesive spray, recipends can take it of and use as xmas tree deco or other.

vickiannette by vickiannette 19 Dec 2013

now that is a great idea, being able to take them off. However I would probably keep the card forever.

by highlandermom 18 Dec 2013

Love your cards they are very nice. Card making is a lot of fun.

by pldc 18 Dec 2013

they are all terrific, where did you find the blanks to make them,. hugs loralye

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poletticel by poletticel 18 Dec 2013

That is my problem now, I found this cards last year in a little store for scrapbooking, but I have moved for a new state a few month ago, and now I don't know where I could find new cards....