by 100pandas 09 Jun 2008

This is a single bed blanket. If she finds a design she likes we just add it. Have a lot of space to add more. The Bratz dolls are the latast addition.


by rsehorse 04 Jun 2010

Love your clever idea. This would be a great place for me to try out new designs. I always feel guilty about doing stitch outs, this way they seem to have a useful purpose. Thanks for the idea.

by queenofhearts 04 Jun 2010

What a neat idea. It's too late for my grandchildren but I think I will start one for great grandbabies.I think I even have some polar fleece throws so start with.

by shazells 04 Jun 2010

What a wonderfull Idea have you thought of putting a date with the designs as they are added it would make a wonderful keepsake

by harmzen 04 Jun 2010

what a great idea, now you can test stitch a lot of your designs. tks for sharing

by lflanders 04 Jun 2010

Very cute and I especially like the Kitty with the rose! I know my 5 yr old step.grand-daughter would love the Bratz! She is 5 going on 12!!! Way too mature for her 5 little years. Of course, she earned every year (in the middle)! She has been busy being her Mom's biggest helper through the initial divorce and all the confussion since then. She started to school this last term and has now finished the 1st grade and still is not 6! They do grow up in such a hurry! Parents now, do not let their children be just children! It seems as if most parents are too busy pushing their children to be growner that they are in years!
This is a very pretty blanket that can grow with her for a few yrs!

by emily16838 03 Jun 2010

I agree with fun to pick the designs

by gerryb 03 Jun 2010

What a neat idea! My 12 yr. old would love it as would my 8 yr old grand daughters! I like the idea of things that have been important in their life. Like Girl Scouts, choir, special places visited, etc.

by moyed 03 Jun 2010

What a great idea, love the blanket

by dilceia 24 May 2010

Very good!

by luluzinha 24 May 2010

It looks happy!

by suehewitt 24 May 2010

its lovely

by pam5296 24 May 2010

Great job. I have done similar, I did a tablecloth for my grandson for his birthday, each year I add other items that he was interested in. Hope he'll look back at this in another 25-30 years and remember all the good times. He's only three but I have at least 20 items on it so far.

by joanne8125 24 May 2010

What memories she will have as she gets older remembering how you both enjoyed making this together. Great job

by bluerhino 24 May 2010

Very nice!

by nini 24 May 2010

What a beauty! She'll treasure it!***

by lenamae 24 May 2010

This is a wonderful treasure she will have for years to come .lovely I dea makes mw wish I had a grandaughter to sew for think I need to find a friend that has one I can adopt.heheheeh
Lena mae

by elkety 24 May 2010

How cute my daughter will love it
especially the Bratz girls.

by castelyn 24 May 2010

Cindy what a wonderful idea. Think I must get one for my GD and leave it at my place, so when she is here , we can stitch on it, will save me from always doing it on towels that she then takes home.
Hali's blanket is lovely well done to you both. *4u Hugs Yvonne

by fatticus1 24 May 2010

Hi The blanket is beautifl.
Is it a wool blanket?

1 comment
100pandas by 100pandas 24 May 2010

No polar fleece.

by gayle950 23 May 2010


by oaro 23 May 2010

neat idea she picked beautiful design

by mysew1325 23 May 2010

great job

by kttyhwk4 10 Jun 2008

This is a neat idea.

by dlonnahawkins 10 Jun 2008

What a special thing for her. Does she do the embroidery, or supervise you?

1 comment
100pandas by 100pandas 10 Jun 2008

She supervises.

by mops Moderator 10 Jun 2008

Great idea! An idea I might pince, for my granddaughter in this case. Flower for you.

by shirlener88 10 Jun 2008

Wonderful idea. *4U

by jrob Moderator 10 Jun 2008

What a treasure she will have when she is grown, she can say...I remember.....;)

by workbecky 10 Jun 2008

Wonderful idea. A blanket of memories.

by mpo14011 10 Jun 2008

That is so beautiful, and a nice idea.Are you going to put a backing on it when it is finished?Flower for your little daughter.

1 comment
100pandas by 100pandas 10 Jun 2008

No, she uses it everyday. Its even going to her first gymnastics comp. this weekend.

by ezzemml 10 Jun 2008

I buy the baby fleece blankets cut a neck hole and add ribbing for snugness around the neck and make kids poncho's. could do as you have done here and embroider.

by ezzemml 10 Jun 2008

What a sweet idea and she then becomes involved. A forever blanket.Reminds me of our camp blankets when we went some where we would add a badge or somthing to remind us of where we were

by gerryvb 10 Jun 2008

there is so much to see one time, no time to sleep then anymore. But it's a nice idea that you add something all the time!so there is allways a surprise, what's new

by minnieb 10 Jun 2008

great idea great mum daughter bonding

by sorval 10 Jun 2008

this is so sweet and look very great
a flower for you gr sonja

by stickmuster 10 Jun 2008

That is the dearest cover of the daughter. Flowers for it and the daughter

by kezza2sew 10 Jun 2008

This is really nice, lots of lovely designs on it.

by shirleysisson 10 Jun 2008

Good idea. Does she sew them on? *4U

100pandas by 100pandas 10 Jun 2008

No she picks the colors we use. She is 7.

shirleysisson by shirleysisson 10 Jun 2008

Okay, I didn't realise that she was so young, but it is good to encourage her interest and great to do this 'together'.

by lbrow 09 Jun 2008

I think this is really neat. You r teaching her to love machine embroidery without her knowing it & creating wonderful memories 4 U & her *4u