by radmom 15 Dec 2013

I saw this picture and had to digitize it for my BIL. He does pig roasts. This is a bbq apron for him. Sorry it's folded up, ready to wrap for Christmas.


by radmom 03 Jan 2014

My husband delivered gifts to his brother and SIL on New Year's Eve Day. My BIL loved his new apron and plans to wear it for his next pig roast!

by capoodle 15 Dec 2013

Too funny.

by radmom 15 Dec 2013

Thank you all for the compliments. My husband says his brother is going to love this apron! My BIL can get crazy sometimes, and this fits his personality perfectly.

by sewilso 15 Dec 2013

Perfect for a bbq apron! He ought to love it!

by noah 15 Dec 2013

My son does them to every year at his camp!!hugs

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radmom by radmom 15 Dec 2013

My BIL does them for the local volunteer fire companies, and the 4-H livestock auction each year at the county fair.

by pennyhal 15 Dec 2013

Love it!

by highlandermom 15 Dec 2013

Sure to bring loads of smiles wherever goes to roast. Sure he will love it too.

by pldc 15 Dec 2013

This is hilarious he will surely get a kick out of this! Hugs loralye

by sonjapotgieter 15 Dec 2013


by bagelgirl 15 Dec 2013

Love it!
Love it!

by beedragonlady 15 Dec 2013

Love it! My brother is a firefighter and we all know how they love to cook. I think he has more $$$ invested in culinary items than I do and I am the chef!!

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radmom by radmom 15 Dec 2013

My BIL is a milk inspector, but also a volunteer firefighter. My FIL used to do the pig roasts for 4-H at the County Fair auctions each year. My husband and BIL do the 4-H now.

by yramesor 15 Dec 2013

I did one similar for my nephew & he loved it. Great job!

by sharonleekesner 15 Dec 2013

HAHAHAHAHA, This is an awesome design and saying. My sister loves the piggies and collects them. This would be so fun for her. Thank you for showing us your work. Good job.

by oaro 15 Dec 2013