by stillbehind 02 Dec 2013

Does anyone in the Cute Community speak Danish? I am in need of the Danish spelling for "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays". I'm hoping to surprise my good friend with these words on gifts for Christmas.

Thank you for any help anyone can offer.
Ellen in Las Vegas (stillbehind)


by rescuer Moderator 02 Dec 2013

I am sure if you wait a few hours -- that side of the world will wake and you will get your answer.
Just in case you cannot wait...
According to Google:
Glædelig jul!
Glad helligdage!
Glade feriedage!

mops by mops 03 Dec 2013

I used Bing and found:
God jul
Glædelig jul
God ferie

Malou40 by Malou40 05 Dec 2013

Merry Christmas = Glædelig jul.
Merry Christmas = God Jul.
Happy Holidays = God ferie. ( Men det bruges ikke i anledningen af jul her i Danmark)