by mad14kt 01 Dec 2013

12-1-2013 * QUESTION: When you use the "Horizontal mirror image key" feature (I have a Brother PE700) on your embroidery machine does/would this also effect how a design is stitched out? Thanks!!! FIESTA ;D


by lique 02 Dec 2013

Be aware of text though! I mirrored a design and the text was in mirror image, luckily I noticed very quickly so did not have to undo too much!

noah by noah 02 Dec 2013

makes me laugh cause i went somewhere and came back and the design was done and it was not English for sure lol hugs

mad14kt by mad14kt 03 Dec 2013

Thanks...didn't think about that, LOL ;D

by jrob Moderator 01 Dec 2013

It does effect the way a design is stitched out, but not in a bad way. Your machine merely stitches it in the direction it is now facing.

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mad14kt by mad14kt 01 Dec 2013

Thanks Jrob!!! ;D

by awesome1 01 Dec 2013

It always amazes me that you can mirror and rotate, and the machine still stitches out as if it had been created that way. Makes no difference...just miraculous!

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mad14kt by mad14kt 01 Dec 2013

Thanks Awesome1...I was curious about another design I did both ways ;D