by baydreamer 26 Nov 2013

I did some purchased pillows for someone. They chose the designs , Urban Threads. I had to open the seams, and with a smaller pillow the hoop caught , 2 hours later trying to pick out the stitches I had to come up with a solution, so off to the fabric store found the gingham linen fabric was going to just leave the edges unfinished but did look right, so off to the fabric store to get the trim. So Murphy's Law is right , when nothing can go wrong , something for sure will. Oh yeah they love roosters.


by claudettesimon 29 Nov 2013


by hagridsmom 29 Nov 2013

love the gingham pillow! I bet it looks much better now than when they bought it! Good save.

by roslyn 28 Nov 2013

Great. Isn't it fun "unpicking" I'm the world's best. Been known to take 3 days to unpick a design. placed in the wrong place - Note the red rose tablecloth I did ages ago.. Now I Have a "Peggy's Stitch Eraser" and is worth it's weight in gold. Even undoes "cross stitch" wahoooo.

by sewilso 27 Nov 2013

Very nicely done! I love their designs and might have to have those roosters. lol!

by oaro 26 Nov 2013

nice job

by vickiannette 26 Nov 2013

Nice way to solve your problem, the gingham looks very nice.

by cfidl 26 Nov 2013

Success! Yeah!

by robinbird 26 Nov 2013

These pillows look lovely& what a creative touch to solve the snag. Thanks for sharing them. :~D

by grannyh 26 Nov 2013

You did a wonderful job, but wouldn't it have been easier to suggest a pillow wrap? I love them. One pillow, many changes.

by pennyhal 26 Nov 2013

They look great and I like the added fabric. Makes it more interesting.

by highlandermom 26 Nov 2013

Great turn out these are beautiful.

by oemmes03 26 Nov 2013

sehr schön gemacht..

by noah 26 Nov 2013

great job hugs

by pldc 26 Nov 2013

A terrific save, well done. Hugs Loralye

by toogie 26 Nov 2013

As much as I like roosters and chickens, I do like everything about the top pillow.Good save-Toogie

by mops Moderator 26 Nov 2013

One of those days... But the result is beautiful! I think they'll love them.

by harleysville 26 Nov 2013

They look great. Love the roosters.

by 02kar Moderator 26 Nov 2013

They look great, so much more interesting with the designs.