by bonnetgirl 25 Nov 2013

Thought you might like to see the gifts for 2 little girls to be born...Made the sleeper blankets first then the dolls....still need to sew the hats to match, but one of them loves owl's so I crochet her one. Thes little dolls are the cutest little things you ever see and she is done in ITH.

Hugs Joann


by sewilso 14 Jan 2014

Very nice, I love it!

by marfa 14 Jan 2014

very cute!

by dionisiam 13 Jan 2014

Bellissimi i tuoi lavori!!!!!

by basketkase 29 Nov 2013

What a terrific gift, great job!

by ansalu 29 Nov 2013

If you like the doll you may use the opportunity to save a little money: They have started their cybersale (>black friday).
Greetings, Bettina

by buffy1 27 Nov 2013

very cute!

by bonnetgirl 26 Nov 2013

I see ansalu found you the design already. She is so easy to make. You can also us flannel but it is a little harder to turn. Thank you ansalu. Been very busy company came today and hubby is sick so have not had time to stop by here. I want to thank all of you for your kindness. I usually buy her specials of weekly designs and you get all she designs that week....if you sign up the first day you get them for 19.00 and the group on facebook is so great at helping you out. Today I got 178.00 worth of designs for was her thanksgiving give away....if you go to facebook like her group and when she post a picture of turkey and you are the one of the first 10 people to just say me she will give you 10 of any of her designs for 20.00 ... I purchased a little car garage to make for grandson....also purchased the pet store and princess house ...she makes the best designs.

by ansalu 26 Nov 2013

Found the design for the doll. For all who fall in love with her too :o)
Greetings, Bettina

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sewilso by sewilso 28 Nov 2013

Thank you for the link, she is so cute!

by mehhouse 26 Nov 2013

I just bought the Marcie Doll yesterday. Isn't she adorable. I can't wait to stitch her out. I love NobbieNeezKids designs. You did a great job on the entire set. Did you see that Dee also have a cute owl stuffie on her site that looks like the hat?

by teun 26 Nov 2013

Sehn ganz toll aus

by dentalclogger 26 Nov 2013

So very sweet just like little girls!!!

by sewilso 26 Nov 2013

Such a cute lil doll!!!! I'd like to know where you found her too. Thanks!

by Dupsilly 26 Nov 2013

Really Lovely, like all the other Cuties, would like to make some for my grandchild, please post us the site so we can buy the doll design


by ansalu 26 Nov 2013

They look very cozy and so cute. A source for the doll would be nice. I think many of us would make one too ;o)

by chefin 26 Nov 2013

Sooooo lovely
Hugs micheline

by dordonc 25 Nov 2013

they are so cute ..

by highlandermom 25 Nov 2013

All these are so cute!

by pldc 25 Nov 2013

very cute, hugs Loralye

by toogie 25 Nov 2013

The garments are nice, but I love the little dolls.They are so cute,I think Avery and Nora need one-LOL

by contessasophie 25 Nov 2013

Absolutely cute! Love the dolls. Where did you get the design please?

by dailylaundry 25 Nov 2013

How very cute!! Well done! Hugs, Laura*

by mariahail 25 Nov 2013

soooooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

by noah 25 Nov 2013

wowwwww what a great job u have done here hugs

by rescuer Moderator 25 Nov 2013

Nicely done!

by lilylady 25 Nov 2013

so darling, love it all.

by lidiad 25 Nov 2013

That's a lovely set! Love the dolls and the owl.
Hugs, Lidia

by Rosie0530 25 Nov 2013

Love the sleepers and the dolls. Where did you get the doll pattern?

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fera by fera 25 Nov 2013

Any idea where to get the doll pattern? thanks Karen email address is