by toogie ( edited 26 May 2014 ) 22 Nov 2013

Another little coin pouch.My little 7 year old grandson wanted one after he saw my daughters Duck Dynasty coin purse(hers was just under 5 in square.) I didn't want to make his like her polka dot fabric, so I used this and made his smaller and with an old clip I cut off an old purse. He can clip on his belt loop.My piece of ribbon was barely enough, I couldn't go from corner to corner.


by robinbird 23 Nov 2013

This coin purse you've done looks great& the duck dynasty trim sets it off too. Seems it would make a good gift for older folks too. Thanks for sharing it. : ~D

by oaro 23 Nov 2013

nice job

by marianb 23 Nov 2013

Perfect colour for little guys...

by rosemarie2 23 Nov 2013

Great little bag!

by chefin 23 Nov 2013

All look Great
Your GS will be happy
Hugs micheline

by shirley124 22 Nov 2013

He will be so pleased with this little purse. Just perfect for a boy. Shirley

by highlandermom 22 Nov 2013

Bet you GS is proud of you. Great looking pouches.

by noah 22 Nov 2013

way to go Grammie:):)More hugs !!Carolyn

by zedna 22 Nov 2013

Looks great, my grand son would love it!

by dordonc 22 Nov 2013

lucky little boy........

by cj2sew 22 Nov 2013

That is a clever way to use that ribbon. What a great save.

by dailylaundry 22 Nov 2013

Oh, I bet he loves this!! Well done! Hugs, Laura*