by toogie ( edited 26 May 2014 ) 22 Nov 2013

This is a little change/coin purse, I just finished for my daughter.Her and 2 of her kids are going on a cruise next week. She wanted something small.I know I have some ITH 4x4 filed SOMEWHERE but alast, could not locate.So I made this, the old fashion way, on my regular machine.It is fully lined as you can see here.(Oh, she bought this ribbon,Duck Dynasty, for me to make her son a lanyard for his passport, which I did) This was a small leftover piece of ribbon, so I used it on her coin purse. I like it, she did too,what about you?


by annita1 23 Nov 2013

waw heel mooi , goed idee voor onder de kerstboom , altijd mooi in een hip stofje !

by highlandermom 22 Nov 2013

Love it, it looks great!

by jerrib 22 Nov 2013

Very nice...

by oaro 22 Nov 2013

you did great job

by pldc 22 Nov 2013

wonderful & the ribbon is just the right touch too! My son-in-law would love this ribbon too, where ever did she find it? Hugs

by shirley124 22 Nov 2013

I love your purse. You did a great job making it. Shirley

by mariahail 22 Nov 2013

Wish I can find some of that ribbon, girl you did a great job!!!!!!hugs...*******************************************************************

by bevintex 22 Nov 2013

there is a 4x4 freebie at 5 star fonts and sew forum has a 4x4 zipper bag just like your 5x7. 5 star fonts also has a free heart zipper coin purse,these are fun to make

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toogie by toogie 22 Nov 2013

Thanks Bev, but this way was fast and I didn't mind.Those are the ones I have SOMEWHere and I know I got a few from My Gardened, just in a hurry I guess.They will pop up when I am not looking.LOl-They are fun to make, the design may not change but the look does, when you change fabric,emb,etc

by noah 22 Nov 2013

I think you did an excellent job and i am sure you got many hugs for this lol heres mine to Hugs Carolyn

toogie by toogie 22 Nov 2013

She did hug me and thank me.She had not left from here long, when I called her, I had it made.She told me she wanted something small but said it would probally be hard for me to do something that small and find a small zipper.L O L..L O L... They think we are so smart, if they only knew...LOL

toogie by toogie 22 Nov 2013

ps. your hug warms my soul, thank you

noah by noah 22 Nov 2013

yes hugs do that Carolyn and more huggers

DJH by DJH edited 24 Nov 2013

Cute! I made the in-the-hoop ones last year for friends.
It was this one: