by shuede 19 Nov 2013

A big "thank you" to zoefzoef! My daughter's class received your letter today, all the way from Belgium!! Thank you for the wonderful letter and all the pictures you sent. You really did a great job representing your country. I really must get there one day! Thanks again!! Hugs ~ Denise


by zoefzoef 20 Nov 2013

The future lies with our children. The more info they get the better they can understand things and create opinions about it. Glad I was able to help them "grow"

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shuede by shuede 20 Nov 2013

I so agree with you. Thanks again for everything! Denise

by jrob Moderator 19 Nov 2013

Yay! She's gonna win the prize for having the most interesting project. ;)

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shuede by shuede 20 Nov 2013

Thanks to all of the wonderful, generous Cuties from around the world! It is a great way to learn!! Denise

by pldc 19 Nov 2013

well done to you both! Hugs Loralye