by sewfrenzie 17 Nov 2013

Not embroidery but wanted to share. My granddaughter is wanting to learn to sew, she's 6 and I thought this was a good project to start with, lol!

She was a bit testy at first and wanted to quit, but once she got the hang of it, I couldn't keep up. Of course part of that was I needed to stop and rethread her needle every few stitches, lol!


by robinbird 18 Nov 2013

What lovely cookies your granddaughter made & a gift of sewing time you had with her too . Thanks for sharing her work. :~D

by oaro 18 Nov 2013

looks great

by vickiannette 18 Nov 2013

great choice of project.

by pennifold 18 Nov 2013

Great first effort Diane for your grand-daughter. I'm impressed with the neatness of them both. Love Cris

by shilpabob 18 Nov 2013

arhh they are lovely,your granddaughter done very well.

by roslyn 17 Nov 2013

Teach them young. Sewing and craft is slowly dying and it's up to us "oldies" to teach the "youngies" Sadly my Grand daughter is not interested so it finishes with me

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vickiannette by vickiannette 18 Nov 2013

Yes it's a bit sad. all I ever wanted to do was to learn, but my mum didn't know quite enough and Grandma lived a bit far away. I had to wait until I had married, then went to Adult Education to learn.

by brendalea 17 Nov 2013

Great job. I did the same thing with my boys to teach them to hand sew buttons on things. They made both Grandmothers a pincushion out of there sewing projects. Happy Stitching

by sandralochran 17 Nov 2013

they are great

by sonjapotgieter 17 Nov 2013

All a first time...Well done Beautiful

by rescuer Moderator 17 Nov 2013


by justsew 17 Nov 2013

Just so lovely she has made a fantastic job. I hope you show her how much we love her work. We hope to see more .
Hugs Pam.

by cfidl 17 Nov 2013

I agree with jussy, wow this is great! I think you have a stitcher there! next year how to thread a needle. lol!

by jussyc 17 Nov 2013

Diane, I have been a member of cute for nearly 3 years and I can say with confidence this has to be my favorite Project posted yet. You have created such a happy memory for your Grand Daughter who will for years to come pass on your teachings. The BEST Ginger Breads ever :) Hugs Jussy

by pldc 17 Nov 2013

Ah this is adorable gingerbreads with a bite out of them how cute! Well done, hugs **Loralye

by highlandermom 17 Nov 2013

I love hearing this and this is a very cute, fantastic project.

by baydreamer 17 Nov 2013

Looks good, so nice to hear something is being pasted on from generation to generation. Love these.

by noah 17 Nov 2013

Love it you are a great Grammie hugs Carolyn