by almag 15 Nov 2013

It's Saturday morning here and the annual Christmas Parade will be starting in about an hour, bringing Father Christmas to town for a brief visit before he returns home to finish making out his Good and Naughty Lists. The day has dawned grey, dull and misty - at least there won't be any sunburnt children.

Which leads me to my real chat topic. I have come to love my morning buildup-to-Christmas days when the beautiful designs give inspiration, ideas, plans and challenges. In fact, I spend so much time here with Cyclops, my one-eyed monster of a computer, soaking in the glorious colours and designs, which just give me such a lift, that it leaves very little time to actually do anything. It's so difficult trying to resist buying new designs; I have dozens of wonderful designs waiting to be used from plans from other years. Then there's the problem of knowing I have one particular design which I am ready to use, Right Now, and which I cannot find!!!! My Christmas Wreath, just perfect for the centre of the table runner (the top of which I really have already had made for about five months) and which I bought specifically for this purpose has gone into hiding so I must spend precious time searching for it........ and you know what that means. It means that I'll find all those other perfect designs and then I'll be side-tracked yet again!!!!!!!!!!


by 02kar Moderator 16 Nov 2013

I hope you have found the very wreath you are looking for by now. I am very good at losing things too.

by spendlove Moderator 16 Nov 2013

No sunburnt children here either. I've already put a couple of new designs in my basket at Urban Threads this morning so I know how you feel! I really like their free(at the moment) winter wreath but that probably isn't the sort of thing you are looking for. Or is it?

by pennifold 16 Nov 2013

Hi Alma, oh! how I miss the John Martin's Christmas pageant. I see it's not called that anymore. I used to love looking for the little girls who would sit up on top of Nipper and Nimble and then of course the arrival of Santa. It was the highlight of my sister and my year. I see it's the largest event of its kind in the world, attracting crowds of over 400,000 and I'm happy it wasn't raining.

We had the most amazing storm here last night - passed by right over our suburb. Massive thunder, lightning and torrential rain. We usually have rains in September and October, rarely this late, but it's been a weird year! I hope you find your lovely wreath. Love Chris

by rescuer Moderator 15 Nov 2013

Ahhh...but the new designs are so much better than the ones made many years ago. They take up so little space and they are so very lovely to dream about using here or there.
I do hope you find at least one thing you have been looking for. You are in good company. I often lose fabric. I have the perfect piece --someplace! Then I organize my stash -- until I discover it was put in a special place so it wouldn't get lost. LOL

by cfidl 15 Nov 2013

I am smiling for your story has lifted me up to know I am not the only one who is losing things. I too spend so much time looking for that perfect piece. When you find your Chritmas wreath, please let us know, where you found it. I may have stashed a few things there myself. Lol!