by toogie ( edited 26 May 2014 ) 15 Nov 2013

More christmas coasters,ITH design from DBC


by sandiec 18 Nov 2013

I love the coasters....did you hand stitch the binding?

toogie by toogie 18 Nov 2013

No, it is not binding, it covers the whole pc

toogie by toogie 18 Nov 2013

Look at bbalbanese recent coaster project, she may have the instructions there.This is her design

by buffy1 17 Nov 2013


by gloriajstitcher 17 Nov 2013

I can't wait until we get Designs by Cuties back! Anyone know how long it will be?

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tylersnana by tylersnana 03 Dec 2013

that is why I joined the site I love looking at all the designs
It would get me inspired . The cuties are so good

by toogie 17 Nov 2013

ttt for gloriastitcher.

by gloriajstitcher 17 Nov 2013

Could you possibly tell us the designer of these and maybe we could email her? I would LOVE to do these!

toogie by toogie 17 Nov 2013

Send bbalbanese, here on Cute a private message. She said she would be happy to email it to those interested.If you are not familiar how to send a PM, look at the top of this page.It will have your name, number of flowers you have, etc. Click on where it says INBOX.That will take you to the private message page.Type in bbalbanese (to send it to) and then type your message in the box below, then hit submit.When she sends you an answer, your inbox will show red for a message to you.Just click on inbox and it will take you back to the PM page...These are so easy to do, you will enjoy making them.-Toogie

gloriajstitcher by gloriajstitcher 17 Nov 2013

Thank you! I was able to do that!

toogie by toogie 17 Nov 2013

Glad to help, that's what Cuties do-Toogie

by greytgirl 15 Nov 2013

Love your festive coasters! They will be perfect for the holidays.

by cyclone 15 Nov 2013

Where can I get this pattern?

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toogie by toogie 17 Nov 2013

Welcome, look at my reply to gloriastitcher on this page.

by mlbell70 15 Nov 2013

We had such a wonderful time shareing all the cuties talents and digitizeing skills, really miss them expecially at Christmas time when I need help with ideas

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mlbell70 by mlbell70 15 Nov 2013

Forgot to tell you, I think these are very pretty and well done.

by rescuer Moderator 15 Nov 2013

Nicely done!

by shirley124 15 Nov 2013

Lovely. Am going to make some for my daughter. Shirley

by sandralochran 15 Nov 2013


by highlandermom 15 Nov 2013

Love these

by robinbird 15 Nov 2013

These coasters you've done are adorable. THanks for sharing them. :~D

by pldc 15 Nov 2013

So very pretty, you both have done a great job with these, hugs ***

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pldc by pldc 15 Nov 2013

what a great way to showcase your favorite fabric

by noah 15 Nov 2013

oh my one color is way faster right??i love these

by muflotex 15 Nov 2013

smile - coaster queen you have been busy, love all of them

by sboo 15 Nov 2013

Look great, I need to get to town and get some xmas material. Been very slow at getting started this year.

by sonjapotgieter 15 Nov 2013

These are stunning!!!Well sewn

by oaro 15 Nov 2013

nice job

by rmj8939 15 Nov 2013

look great!

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toogie by toogie 15 Nov 2013


by annie716 15 Nov 2013

These are really nice, I love both of the pictures you posted!

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toogie by toogie 15 Nov 2013

Thank you and welcome to Cute.If you weren't able to upload this design before DBC was closed, maybe when it reopens you can get it.It is a nice ITH project.Toogie