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by jasanne 08 Jun 2008

I made this as a gift for some friends who were returning to live in the UK. The pattern was from Embroidery Library projects and the designs are native NZ Tui and Fantail.


by nonna57 13 Jun 2008

Wish I had a friend like you, woops that's right I do . You. This is lovely. I live gifts that are usable, i think it will be well used. Well done. **

by dlonnahawkins 09 Jun 2008

Very nice, and nice embroidery.

by katydid 09 Jun 2008

Very nice! Love the bird designs.

by ezzemml 09 Jun 2008

Beautiful they match the mitts.

by stickmuster 09 Jun 2008

Very nicely! Flowers for you

by blessinge 09 Jun 2008

This is beautiful. The oven mitts and the casserole carrier are lovely together. Very nice job.

by shirleysisson 09 Jun 2008

Such a useful gift and so pretty with the beautiful bird embroidery. *4U

by mops Moderator 09 Jun 2008

Lovely birds! Nice gift.

by shirlener88 09 Jun 2008

jasanne, very cute - great work. They will treasure it. *4U

by elenu 09 Jun 2008

A lovely gift for your friends, the birds a reminder of NZ for them.

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jasanne by jasanne 09 Jun 2008

We see quite a few Tui and Fantail around us as we have a small amount of bush nearby so I hope they will remember NZ fondly. :)

by colmag 09 Jun 2008

Very cute, great casserole carrier,*4u

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jasanne by jasanne 09 Jun 2008


by ddoersch 09 Jun 2008

Very nice, love the birds.

by lorettag28 08 Jun 2008

Wow, they are lovely

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jasanne by jasanne 09 Jun 2008

Thanks loretta. And great to see you back again :)

by lbrow 08 Jun 2008

I love all food carriers round, square & trctangular. This was a super job *4U

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jasanne by jasanne 09 Jun 2008

It's the first one i've made and I was really pleased with how it turned out.