by shuede 09 Nov 2013

A bit thank you to Eleen! Today my daughter and her classmates received the beautiful letter you sent all the way from South Africa to California, USA. This was the first actual letter to make it to her school, and I was lucky enough to be volunteering in the class today when the teacher shared the letter with the class! Even I learned some things I didn't know. My daughter got to stand in front of the class and point out South Africa, and I know she was simply thrilled (as was i). She really loved the Christmas card you sent. We did do a Google search on the message you sent to the teacher, and this is what it said: "Teachers who inspire learners know that teaching is like cultivating a garden and that those who want nothing to do with thorns, never should attempt to pick the flowers."

Thanks, again, Eleen, for sharing your beautiful country with my daughter's second grade class. I plan to put your letter and things in a scrapbook for my daughter to keep and treasure. You really made today special. Big hugs!! Denise
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by jrob Moderator 19 Nov 2013

Eleen, I know this must have been very special.....all the way from S. Africa.
Denise, if you click on comment under your original post you have the options of "Edit this post" or "report abuse". You can edit any misspelled words or errors there. Just a little FYI.

by zoefzoef 09 Nov 2013

Nice ! Please be patience at all the other letters who are on its way...

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shuede by shuede 09 Nov 2013

I know you have already given me a preview of your wonderful letter, and we eagerly look forward to receiving the letter in the mail!! Thank you! Hugs! Denise

by sewmom 09 Nov 2013

What a wonderful class project!

by shuede 09 Nov 2013

Sorry! Should read "A big thank you to Eleen!"

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eleen by eleen 09 Nov 2013

Pleasure was all mine. Glad you have received it.