by jmweller 03 Nov 2013

Just an update for anyone that is interested. I took 48 of the crocheted cat beds down to the Humane Society the other day. They were very well received. It made me feel good and hopefully did the cats (or small dogs there) good; they usually sleep on towels. Maybe these will be better, since I don't know of any cat that wouldn't sleep on an afghan!



by workbecky 06 Nov 2013

You have a very generous spirit. I think I will take a look at the pattern for my granddaughter who is learning to crochet. Becky

by marjialexa Moderator 06 Nov 2013

You are a kind and special person for doing this for the shelter kitties (and little tiny doggies, tooo). Thanks for the pattern. I used to crochet, my mom taught me when I was a kid, but it's been well, probably 55 years. I'd be willing to give it a go again, if I could do something like this for the kitties. Big furry hugs to you, Marji

by pennyhal 05 Nov 2013

This is a great project! Love it.

by jmweller 04 Nov 2013

If anyone is interested, the pattern for this is free on the web under Crochet with Cris and is known as a 1-skein cat bed. The measure about 12 inches across when finished.

by wider57 04 Nov 2013

How very generous of you! I too make pet beds and blankets and donate them to several shelters and rescue agencies. The pets love them and you are right - what kitty doesn't love to curl up on an afghan!

by Lynnae 04 Nov 2013

what a great person you are,, ive made little blankets for the kitties myself and made toys too.. ended up adopting another cat.. due to my baby tabetha 23 years old,, passed away the day befor Christmas,, I felt presious would be lonely with out a mate,,, so after 2 months I got her a mate,,, brie,,, took a few weeks but they seem to tolerate each other,,, I wished everyone would help out there local animal shelters,, they really need the help

by greytgirl 03 Nov 2013

I'm sure the Humane Society was thrilled to receive the pet pads. There is a special place in Heaven for people who give so generously from their heart!

by oaro 03 Nov 2013

what a great idea to make these pats for the animals

by rsloan 03 Nov 2013

Terrrific idea - what are dimensions of your kitty sleep pads?

by 02kar Moderator 03 Nov 2013

I know there were a lot of happy kitties purring away with these nice beds. Kudos to you for the hours of work and yarn you donated for these animals.

by rescuer Moderator 03 Nov 2013

This is wonderful that you do this for all the poor little animals!

by karensews 03 Nov 2013

Very cute and so thoughtful of you to make these for the kitties. This looks like you just made a circle and double crocheted, is that correct? I might just make one for my kitty Ginger, she loves anything soft.

by noah 03 Nov 2013

you have a very big kind heart good for you and may God Bless you double hugs Carolyn

by shirley124 03 Nov 2013

How very kind. Shirley

by highlandermom 03 Nov 2013

Glad you shared that is a wonderful gift from your heart. I can see it being well received.

by jrob Moderator 03 Nov 2013

That was such a wonderful thing to do. I know they will have a smile for you as soon as you come through the door next time!

by pldc 03 Nov 2013

You have a kind & generous heart & I am sure they really appreciate this! Hugs ***Loralye