by bunnyhop 01 Nov 2013

hi everyone i'm looking for a verse something in the lines of ( We are best friends who have been there always through thick and thin and always will be there for each other, sandy xx) to put on a small lace hanky. thank you hope someone can point me in the right direction.


by greysewist Moderator 01 Nov 2013

Look for a PM :)

by pennifold 01 Nov 2013

Dear Cynthia, you should be able to do this yourself with the Alphabets that are on your embroidery machine!

If not have a look at Sew Bird's site there are 10 pages of Bible verses. I've not looked through all of them, but there might be something there that can express your feelings. Love Chris

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bunnyhop by bunnyhop 01 Nov 2013

it's not for me. it's for someone else to give and she would like something like the above. I have tried to do it but unable to do it in hand writing style ( letters joined together ). xxx

by awesome1 01 Nov 2013

OH MY--that is a lot to put on a hankie. Maybe you should pare it down a bit!

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bunnyhop by bunnyhop 01 Nov 2013

hi I don't want all the wording just something like it. I used to have quite a few but I broke my usb stick and lost a lot files.