by baydreamer 31 Oct 2013

Christmas Tea Towels- KISS, keep it simple silly , just over the handle and tied with a ribbon. Design from Designs by JUJU. I did make a fewchanges to them . I took embroidery elements from other designs and placed them in the ginger figures.


by sonjapotgieter 01 Nov 2013

Beautiful...Like the idea

by deegee 01 Nov 2013

These are just lovely. Very creative - you have done a great job. "Someone" is going to be very happy to receive them.

by noah 01 Nov 2013

Now these are what i call cute hugs

by cece1 01 Nov 2013

Cute, cute, cute! Where did you find the checked towels, or did you make them? Love the ribbon idea. Hugs, Cece

baydreamer by baydreamer 01 Nov 2013

If you live in Canada the No Frills Grocery Store carries them, you get an assortment so you have to buy to 2 pkg. to make a pair.

cece1 by cece1 02 Nov 2013

Thanks for the info. I am in the southern US, so am out of luck for these. I know you will enjoy them for the Christmas season. So cute. Hugs, Cece

by rsloan 31 Oct 2013

Very cool! I think I'll try your idea of ribbons to tie them. Cute!

by chefin 31 Oct 2013

the gingerbreads looks great
hugs micheline

by pennifold 31 Oct 2013

I love the expressions on these two little gingerbread 'men', you've done a lovely job with them both. The addition of the red ribbon ties make them look really festive, well done. Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 31 Oct 2013

Very cute indeed

by brendalea 31 Oct 2013

Gingerbread people are very cute!!!! Happy Stitching

by oaro 31 Oct 2013

`very nice

by highlandermom 31 Oct 2013

Sweet towels!

by rescuer Moderator 31 Oct 2013

Cute towels!

by pldc 31 Oct 2013

adorable! love the KISS too, hugs & **Loralye