Colors: 2 

Letter A

Design #: 9436287
Price: $1.00
Design Details
Size (in): 3.43"(w) x 2.20"(h)
Size (mm): 87 x 56
Stitches: 4300
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monogramsnowflakefont a
gbhbn by gbhbn 7d ago

Tack !

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Thank you!

embrockabees by embrockabees 8d ago

Thank you.
WOW i was missing A B F and Y.
Sew exciting.
Thanks again

cutepaws by cutepaws 8d ago

Thank you so much.

Kaye52 by Kaye52 8d ago

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Makes me Snow happy

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Stunning! Thank you!





barobe3 by barobe3 8d ago

i missed the D and S in snowflakes hope they come back

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merci beaucoup
j'aimerai avoir des contacts avec les cuties parlant français, alors à bientôt Cricri

Jyockey by Jyockey 8d ago

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lolepie by lolepie 8d ago

Thank you it is lovely.

Laurann by Laurann 8d ago

Beautiful 'A' Laurann

Laurann by Laurann 8d ago

Beautiful 'A' Laurann

barth0523 by barth0523 8d ago

love the snowflake! Thank you.

Jolanda61 by Jolanda61 8d ago

thank You.

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sharonleekesner by sharonleekesner 8d ago

Thank you. Only missed the F on this one, I would appreciate the vote.

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like i want this

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Joli, merci

ansanbo by ansanbo 15 Nov 2013

Este abecedario es precioso podeis poner la A y B de descarga gratuita??? Muchas gracias por poner tantas cosas bonitas

stunning by stunning 06 Nov 2013

HI Could you please let me have A. Sorry i missed it. The fonts are beautiful. Yvonne Lombaard.

ildiko by ildiko 03 Nov 2013


mattiet303 by mattiet303 03 Nov 2013

Thank you

Turbeville by Turbeville 03 Nov 2013

Thank you, my grandchilden will love this. Debbie

lenie22 by lenie22 03 Nov 2013

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pretty, Thank you

maurensette by maurensette 03 Nov 2013

Elégant, et de saison! Merci beaucoup

grenon by grenon 03 Nov 2013

très beau motif ,merci beaucoup

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Lovely design, thank you so much

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Soooooo pretty!!! thank you... xxxx:)

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Darling!! Thank you!!

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Thank You...Thank You ♥

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Thank you!!

ruta by ruta 02 Nov 2013

Absolutely beautiful. Very much appreciated.

ruta by ruta 02 Nov 2013

Absolutely beautiful. Very much appreciated.

jennyvovk by jennyvovk 02 Nov 2013

very pretty. thank you.

jayem by jayem 02 Nov 2013

Very attractive,Thank you

justonlyme by justonlyme 02 Nov 2013

This is nice! Thank you!!

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Thank you for the spirit of

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retreat by retreat 02 Nov 2013

Thank you for this lovely design

fharman by fharman 02 Nov 2013

looks good

rosinhapatch by rosinhapatch 02 Nov 2013

Thank you very much.

corinnefitterer by corinnefitterer 02 Nov 2013

thanks for the great letter for towels.

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sydjaydan4 by sydjaydan4 02 Nov 2013

Thank you they are beautiful.

charlottewb by charlottewb 02 Nov 2013

Thanks for the beautiful design !

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dirtyharry by dirtyharry 02 Nov 2013

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love the snowflake idea

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sandra11 by sandra11 02 Nov 2013

lovely design, simple, yet elegant

NaomiCampbell by NaomiCampbell 02 Nov 2013

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Love the design font thanks

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Beautiful. Thank you.

OmaHenny by OmaHenny 02 Nov 2013

Thank you! Very pretty.

barbarafay by barbarafay 02 Nov 2013

Thank you for another absolutely beautiful font! Much appreciated.

cristalbroderie by cristalbroderie 02 Nov 2013

merci beaucoup

sheilag60 by sheilag60 02 Nov 2013

This alphabet is so beautiful! Thank you so much for your generosity.

franlise by franlise 02 Nov 2013

merci beaucoup

charlotte38 by charlotte38 02 Nov 2013

Danke schoen

vmbray by vmbray 02 Nov 2013

I love the snowflakes with the letter. Very nice..

annie38 by annie38 02 Nov 2013

superbe merci

TeresaWilson by TeresaWilson 02 Nov 2013

was this one already posted free?

mykenna by mykenna 02 Nov 2013

thank you

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Love this....thank you!

Iren by Iren 02 Nov 2013

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Thank you for the lovely snowflake A!

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vielen dank..

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thank you very much. thats nice

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Beautiful monogram thank you

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Thank you, love it

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Thanks--this is nice.

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almag by almag 01 Nov 2013

What a beautiful 'A'...... :}.....

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Thank you, beautiful!!

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merci beaucoup ;-)

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AH!!! Sew pretty!!! Thank you!!!

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Beautiful - Thank you very much!

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That's lovely, thank you!

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Ooooo that's PRETTY!! Thank you!

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so pretty! thank you:)

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This is also Beautiful~~~Many thanks

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Thank you for the lovely Snowflake font.

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Amazing Snowflake font!!! Thanx so very much!!

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Very nice font, thank you

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wonderful THANKS

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Wonderous embroidery world,

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