by rsehorse 30 Oct 2013

Hi cuties I am in need of a hunting themed design for my GD. any suggestions? Thanks, Susan


by sewilso 30 Oct 2013

How old is she? I searched etsy and these came up. may have some if you search, you just need to be a member, sign up if you're not.

These are more masculine. I used the search term target
and hunter
for free
the next are not free.

sewilso by sewilso 30 Oct 2013 Oh and the buck and doe heart on the main page might be cute, if she's a deer hunter.

sewilso by sewilso 30 Oct 2013
a hunting princess design.

by dragonflyer 30 Oct 2013

I'm with Marj...Embroidery Library has lots of hunting themed designs...

by marjialexa Moderator 30 Oct 2013

Embroidery Library has some beautiful designs of deer, moose, bear, etc in the fall and winter woods. I think anyone, hunter or otherwise, would love them! I think they may be on sale now, too, thought I saw them for $1.25. But don't quote me, because I lose track of when the sales begin and end. Best of luck on your search, hugs, Marji

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sewilso by sewilso 30 Oct 2013

Also don't forget the Christmas club you can join there where you pick out 5 designs for $5 for becoming a member. Membership to the club is free. When you sign up, it will tell you when the offer expires.