by bunnyhop 28 Oct 2013

for more done.


by jerrib 28 Oct 2013

Wow, these are beautiful.

by gerryvb 28 Oct 2013

so beautiful, can you tell how you make these?

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bunnyhop by bunnyhop 28 Oct 2013

I use a A4 piece of acitate spray with repositionable craft spray leave for the day to lose the tackiness place tissue paper on shiny side up smooth out any creases and print off your image let it dry. cut out and lay on your candle cover with greaseproof paper and heat the image on. the lily candle I did was from some paper napkins I had left from a party when using napkins you have to split them you only need one layer. hope this helps. just done to more. theirs no stopping once you have started.

by 02kar Moderator 28 Oct 2013

These are lovely.