by agatha 26 Oct 2013

The Christmas ornaments are from Unlimited Stitching and the photos do not do it justice. I reverse the colours on the Rudolph ornament to see what it would like.

Thanks to all who encouraged me to try the FSL on my 780D machine - no thread issues at all and it was a dream watching the design. Guess what the family & friends are getting in there Christmas Card!


by 1ladyb 27 Oct 2013

FSL is my favorite. These are very nice. I can see a whole tree with just these and lights in blue.

by pennyhal 27 Oct 2013

Fabulous! I'm glad you experimented with bobbin thread. It makes FSL much nicer. I've found that the bobbin runs out of thread faster as the regular bobbin thread is thinner.

by pldc 26 Oct 2013

Good for you! & Well done, Hugs ***Loralye

by agatha 26 Oct 2013

Oh Dear! I probably mislead you all unintentionally. I've recently purchased a 780D and I was told that I should only use the Brother bobbin thread. I wanted to do some FSL that I purchased from Unlimited Stitching but was bothered about the warning I was given about the bobbin thread issue. Encouraged by you all, I went ahead and tried and was exceedingly delighted to see it better than I've ever had on my Janome. I'm a very unadventurous person and I would never had tried if it wasn't for you encouraging me. Ah! now you know a bit more of me LOL

by oaro 26 Oct 2013

very nice

by rsloan 26 Oct 2013

These are so nice - and I loved the colors.

by sewilso 26 Oct 2013

This is so cute!!! They are going to love them!!!

by 02kar Moderator 26 Oct 2013

Kudos to you for trying and doing a wonderful job. Isn't FSL fun!

by dragonflyer 26 Oct 2013

Lovely, just lovely...congratulations on your first FSL project...couldn't be better. Love the reversed effect of the colors, too!

by highlandermom 26 Oct 2013

Both these are so pretty. Your friends and family will love these and looking forward to next years as next Christmas approaches.

by jerrib 26 Oct 2013

Very well done. I love how you reversed the colours. Whoever receives them, will treasure them always. You will get hooked on FSL designs, they make wonderful gift tags, bookmarks etc.
Hugs Jerri

by pennifold 26 Oct 2013

Dear Agatha, you've done a wonderful job on these two FSL. Love the thread you've chosen too. Great gift to be placed inside a Christmas card too! Love Chris

by noah 26 Oct 2013

I think these are supper dupper lovely like excellent hugs