by bunnyhop 24 Oct 2013

been doing a few candles before my little old lady brings her towels for her grandkids names to be but on.


by eggyannie 01 Nov 2013

where do you find the designs I love the cherish the dream one

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by bunnyhop edited 21 Jan 2014

I use a A4 piece of acitate spray with repositionable craft spray leave for the day to lose the tackiness place tissue paper on shiny side up smooth out any creases and print off your image let it dry. cut out and lay on your candle cover with greaseproof paper and heat the image on. the lily candle I did was from some paper napkins I had left from a party when using napkins you have to split them you only need one layer. hope this helps. just done to more. theirs no stopping once you have started.

by justsew 28 Oct 2013

This is great work, I found this if it is any use to you all.
Hugs Pam.

by diamondfowler 28 Oct 2013

do you use modge podge to attach design to the candle? I have done it that way but don't remember them being so nice as yours. Love to know Thanks

by MrsRoy 28 Oct 2013

I would live to know how to make these also.

by minnie 25 Oct 2013

These are beautiful. May I ask for instructions on how to do them?

by jussyc 25 Oct 2013

Ive made many personalised candles for friends and family, they are really popular :)

by joansatx 25 Oct 2013

Very pretty. ("my little old lady"...?)

by anangel 25 Oct 2013

These are beautiful! I, too, would like to know how you created them to look so professional and nice!!
Hugs, Angel

by theduchess 25 Oct 2013

Beautiful, How are these done? I like the them all. Stella

by susan 25 Oct 2013

lovely!!!!!!!!! where did you find the design on the first candle?...Sue

by spendlove Moderator 25 Oct 2013

I sent you a PM - please have a look!

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bunnyhop by bunnyhop 25 Oct 2013

hi sue theirs no msg x

by gerryvb 25 Oct 2013


by grannycowpuncher 24 Oct 2013

Awesome candles, Thanks for sharing.

by 02kar Moderator 24 Oct 2013

They are beautiful.

by ajmmjs 24 Oct 2013

beautiful!!! thanks for showing,lynne