by babsie 12 Oct 2013

Dear Cuties, my daughter is looking for easy sock animals for kids on summer camp to make. Kids are 8 - 11 yrs old. Not too much sewing - the adults will prepare the "kits" for each child to complete a sock animal. Any ideas will be appreciated. Hugs


by ajmmjs 13 Oct 2013

i made sock puppets once for girl scout camp. just use the regular sock and show them how to make the mouth. have precut tongues,nostrils,hair,eyebrows n eyes n maybe noses for them to glue on.felt works well for this as is non ravelling. hope this helps. sincerely, lynne

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babsie by babsie 14 Oct 2013

Thanks will give the info to her.

by crafter2243 Moderator 12 Oct 2013

Here is a site with many patterns. Maybe you can find something there

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babsie by babsie 12 Oct 2013

Thanks will have a look now. Hugs