by bagelgirl 08 Oct 2013


has anyone seen what the cyberbullys
are doing to jen
umm maybe
there is a big problem


by undecided 09 Oct 2013

i am curious as to what is happening. i really don't understand this cyber bully situation.... can anybody clarify?

bagelgirl by bagelgirl 09 Oct 2013

This person has made threats, has attempted extortion, and is engaging in potentially libelous behaviour that includes a range of false information and unproven allegations. I am deeply concerned since the misinformation this person is spreading has potential to cause harm to others.

bagelgirl by bagelgirl 09 Oct 2013

this is what she stated
and she had to take her site down
and I think gone sewing & pinkie
had similar problems im not sure
that's what I think,its very sad tho

by ansalu 09 Oct 2013

There was a post 6 days ago about that. What a shame how some people behave in the anonymity of the internet :o(
Greetings, Bettina

by 02kar Moderator 08 Oct 2013

I had read the notice on her site. I feel so bad for her. I never thought embroidery sites would be targets for this. It makes me very worried

by paulasandy 08 Oct 2013

Thank you for sharing this link, I was wondering what had happened to her site. I hope and pray for her safety.