by babsie 06 Oct 2013

Hi Cuties, I'm visiting here in Australia from South Africa and are going to the Craft Fair in Brisbane on the 17 October. I would like to know if any Cuties will be there on the same day and we maybe can meet somewhere there for a quick chat. If you are going send me a PM and I will give you my mobile number. I would love to meet you. Hugs Babsie


by mi30kaja 09 Oct 2013

Hope you enjoy your stay in Brisbane, I am in Sth Aust so can not meet you.

by wendymay60 09 Oct 2013

Best of Luck. Enjoy yourself. I'm in WA

by beatie58 08 Oct 2013


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by deirdre edited 07 Oct 2013

Welkom hier in Australiƫ, geniet die kuiertjie!! Wens ek kon ook die Fair bywoon. Deirdre, Wes Australiƫ.

by manami 07 Oct 2013

Have great time in Australia Babsie. I live in Tweed Heads, NSW, border with QLD, Gold Coast. You are welcome to come to my place. Love and hugs, Yoriko

by katydid 07 Oct 2013

Wonderful! have fun!! Hope you meet up with some "Cutie". Kay

by vickiannette 07 Oct 2013


by greysewist Moderator 07 Oct 2013

I hope you have a great time here, Babsie. Do let me know if you travel lots further south (Melbourne).

by bobbies 07 Oct 2013

Well, I am going but on the Friday - only day my daughter is free :(

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by beatie58 edited 07 Oct 2013

Hi Babsie, How great you get to go to our Craft Fair, I would meet you but I work and will not get to the fair until Saturday. Are you staying in Brisbane? There is a few of us in brisbane so maybe someone else will also see this I hope so...Love and hugs Sally

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babsie by babsie 07 Oct 2013

Thanks but I'm staying in Eumundi at my daughters place and a couple of their church ladies are going and I will join them. Hugs

by pennifold 06 Oct 2013

There are a lot from Queensland. I know Sally (beatie58) lives in Brisbane. I'm hoping someone will contact you Babsie. Enjoy Australia, we're having wonderful weather down here in Newcastle. Love Chris

babsie by babsie 07 Oct 2013

Thanks Chris it is very hot here in Eumundi. Hugs

vickiannette by vickiannette 07 Oct 2013

How great, if only I lived in Qld. I am in South Australia, so hopefully someone will see this.