by chattypenny 28 Sep 2013

Wowzer! I enjoyed my day playing in my studio. I learned a new quilt block called friendship braid. It is hand pieced. Well, today, I put them to good use. I made a quilted candle mat. It measures 8 wide and 12 long. I just love my hexigon flower in the center. The quilting is just beautiful. I wish you could see it! I'm so proud!!!

This project was created in my software.


by sewilso 30 Sep 2013

Very nice!!!

by toogie 29 Sep 2013

I love your hexagon flower too, and your stippling.You have done an excellent job, so you should be proud.Good for you.

by oaro 28 Sep 2013

you did great job

by pldc 28 Sep 2013

You did a wonderful job on this! Hugs & ** Loralye

by noah 28 Sep 2013

very nice place mat u will half to make a few more for your table???hugs

by shirley124 28 Sep 2013

It sure is lovely. Shirley

by highlandermom 28 Sep 2013

I love what you have done. It is gorgeous !