by bonnetgirl 26 Sep 2013

I got a call from a lady that she is having 2 baby girls being born one in Dec and one in Jan. She ask me if I could design a hat for her new babies that was an owl. I didn't like the crochet ones so I went on a search and found a free pattern on the internet and put the owl eyes that was given free on here a while back, (probably a year or 2 ago). I sent her the picture but have not heard from her yet with an answer. Hope you all like it or if you have suggestions please add them... we only get better with the truth and help of our friends.

Hugs Joann


by rsehorse 29 Sep 2013

This is so cute. Have you been to ? There is a brand new design there, an owl. It looks so much like your owl. The toy would be so cute with this. hugs, Susan

by bonnetgirl 28 Sep 2013

Just stopped by to let you know the lady don't want this hat...she wants crochet and to top it off she wants a shell design and wants the shells to be different bright colors. I told her it would mean using to many colors and to many cuts of yarn and that I didn't have time to do that. I guess I could do it but I don't believe using so many colors and cuts in yard it would not hold up with washing it. I think I will make a few of these hats anyway to sell because I just love it.

I know I should of come in and told each and every one of you thank you but I have been so busy....My youngest sister lost her husband to cancer yesterday after a 2 year fight. I live 1500 miles away from her and have been on the phone trying to help her.

by highlandermom 26 Sep 2013

I can see how you would like it this way. It looks great soft and very cute. Crochet would not look as owl to me either after seeing this. Great Job you have done here.

by jeanfoz 26 Sep 2013


by pldc 26 Sep 2013

Super cute! hugs Loralye & the eyes are DBC Elin or futte right

by cheryl610 26 Sep 2013

i love it, you did a beautiful job, thanks for sharing

by baldacchino 26 Sep 2013

Love it , I will have to put the OWL on the hoodys I make for the new Gran children I am in waiting

by 02kar Moderator 26 Sep 2013

I think she will like. It is cute.

by drh2276 26 Sep 2013

I think it's adorable!

by askmcv 26 Sep 2013

So cute!

by noah 26 Sep 2013

Makes me smile hugs

by bbalbanese 26 Sep 2013

cute, I like it

by oaro 26 Sep 2013


by sewdoctor 26 Sep 2013

Well, I love it...if she wanted an Owl hat, I would say this is it! Too CUTE!

by laffma1 edited 26 Sep 2013

That would be really cute on the girls. Hope your customer likes it.