by fannyfurkin 24 Sep 2013

Hi guys, I know it has been a while, I just wanted to check in and say hi. I had a new grandbaby on Friday, I love being a grandma, Seth came into the world by Cesarian cause apparantly he was playing jump rope with his cord and got it tangled around his tummy and legs. here is my favorite picture of him.

And one of me with him, Grandma looks a bit tired, not sure why she got plenty of sleep the night before.


by gramsbear 26 Sep 2013

He is adoorable!!! Thanx for sharing your HAPPINESS with us!!! And CONGRATS all the way around! Hugs & Blessing for all, Judy

by riley4 26 Sep 2013

what a cutie. congrats.

by anangel 26 Sep 2013

Congratulations, Alice!! He looks like a sweet little fellow! Enjoy! He will grow up too soon! My two grands are now teenagers, and because of their activities in school, I do not get to see them often, as I would like!!
Hugs, Angel

by airyfairy 26 Sep 2013

Good to see you here again Alice and to bring us such exciting news. Many congratulations to all. Hugs Sarah.

by jerrib 25 Sep 2013

Hi Alice: I wanted to congratulate you on your site, but couldn't figure out how to post. He is adorable and you look like a very proud Grandma.
Congratulations to all.
Hugs Jerri

by haleymax 25 Sep 2013

Precious little one.

by pennifold 25 Sep 2013

Oh! Alice he is gorgeous. Congratulations to you all. Have a cuddle for me. Love Chris

by sewilso 25 Sep 2013

Very cute, great photo!!!

by sqdancer 25 Sep 2013

He is a doll Alice - Congratulations, enjoy every minute... Hugs x0x0x

by jrob Moderator 25 Sep 2013

Congratulations, Alice. He's adorable and I can tell you are over the moon in love! ;)

by mysew1325 25 Sep 2013

What a little dolly.... Congratulations ...

by manami 25 Sep 2013

Dear Alice, congratulations to you and your family! He is so cute! Hugs,Yoriko.

by mranderson 25 Sep 2013

Congrats Alice and family. He is a little beauty. Our daughter gave birth on 6th Sept at Redlands hospital. She now lives at Victoria Point too. I will post a photo soon. Hugs Marg

by sewmom 25 Sep 2013

Congratulations! He is adorable. So are you.

by lindaavolio 24 Sep 2013

OH MY GOODNESS....GOD IS GOOD ! ! ! ! Hope Mom is doing well...
Congrats Alice ...

by gerryb 24 Sep 2013

Awww, how adorable! And look at those eyelashes! Beautiful baby! Now give him another kiss from all the cuties!

by graceandham 24 Sep 2013

As my son used to say when he was 3, he looks peace-a-ful. Great skin, beautiful expression.

by noah 24 Sep 2013

Hello and congrats to all hugs

by mad14kt 24 Sep 2013


by vickiannette 24 Sep 2013

He sure is a cute baby Alice. Yes it is fun being a Grannie. Soon as he works out you can sew, he will ask for costumes etc. Usually about 2 days before it's needed!

by draco 24 Sep 2013

Beautiful baby. Congratulations

by michemb 24 Sep 2013

congratulation, I am so looking forward to my turn

by buffy1 24 Sep 2013

great photo! congratulations!

by cfidl 24 Sep 2013

Aw... he is beautiful! You look like you are in love! Congratulations!

by askmcv 24 Sep 2013

Congratulations, Grandma.

by nannynorfolk 24 Sep 2013

Oh Alice- he is gorgeous -beautiful pics- :)))

by dilceia 24 Sep 2013

Congratulations Alice!! Very beautiful!

by grossfamilie 24 Sep 2013

Congratulations to the lovely baby boy and his proud grandma and parents! Wow - great to see all these grandmas here who like to be
grandma. It is different, in fact, from being mother and much better....
grandmas can spoil the little ones a lot!

by edithfarminer 24 Sep 2013

Congratulations Alice, he looks adorable

by justsew 24 Sep 2013

Bless you all .hope all is fantastic. xxx

by debswebster 24 Sep 2013

Congratulations GrandMa!!

by lindalee757 24 Sep 2013

Awww Alice-he is adorable! Congratulations on being a grandma and also to mommy and daddy. Hope you get to spend alot of time with little Seth. Our 1st grandchild was born in January of this year and I just can't get enough of this little guy-I actually watch him 5 days a week 8-10 hrs. a day while my daughter and her boyfriend are at work(they rent a house 2 houses down from us). I love being a gramma!! This was taken 2 or 3 nights ago at my daughters-he is supposed to be settling down for bed but decided he would rather practice his standing and walking around holding onto the couch instead-he's growing so fast. Enjoy that baby Alice!! ~linda~

debswebster by debswebster 24 Sep 2013

He looks adorable - lucky Granny to be so close to him.

cfidl by cfidl 24 Sep 2013

He is so precious! Lucky you to be able to care for him. Best wishes to the entire family!

ansalu by ansalu 25 Sep 2013

Hello Linda,
you have a lucky daughter to have you looking for her little boy. Just watch before Superman starts to his first flight ;o)
Greetings, Bettina

by tilde01 24 Sep 2013

Congratulations to mommy and daddy. hope they are doing as well as grandma and baby. He is so sweet.

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by laffma1 edited 24 Sep 2013

Congratulations!!! The girls better watch out - He is going to break some hearts when gets older! Such a cutiepie....

by gerryvb 24 Sep 2013

wow, congratulations ! it's an adorable little baby boy. Enjoy grandmom :)

by oaro 24 Sep 2013

Congratulations grandma how sweet it is you and the baby look great .Happy Grandma Maria

by sewemb 24 Sep 2013

A beautiful baby boy God Bless Him

by rescuer Moderator 24 Sep 2013

Awe...such a sweet baby! Congratulations!