by gignac 20 Sep 2013

hello i don't know what append but i cannot upload photos or design in by cuties what is wrong? thank for your help


by rescuer Moderator 20 Sep 2013

Make sure the name of the design has no spaces.
Are you getting an error message?

gignac by gignac 21 Sep 2013

no i have no error message i do the same as last time but i canno't upload nether files or photos a circle is turning an turning but don't upload but i can mail either photo or files to my friend the photo is ok not too loud the name is ok no space.. so what? Help an idea?

rescuer by rescuer 21 Sep 2013

I have not heard of anyone else with this problem right now. It must be with just your computer. Have you tried to clear your cache? If you don't know how -- I can post a link with instructions. It is a good place to start.