by kylasm 19 Sep 2013

Simple sewing project, Tutorial: Bias-Edge Pot Holder. Love the fabrics they used too.


by marfa 31 Jan 2014

Thanks for the link

by hagridsmom 29 Jan 2014

really nice tut - thanks for sharing. I have sewn for years but am not confident with bias binding.

by princess 13 Oct 2013

Thanks so much.

by almag 29 Sep 2013

Thanks for the link. I love the way she quilted around the pictures first. That really brought the potholder to life.

by noah 27 Sep 2013

I love the pictures they show how better then reading how hugs Carolyn

by kylasm 21 Sep 2013

I was thinking this might be a helpful suggestion for the people with small hoops that can't make the mug rugs. They could stitch out their design, sandwich it with some padding and a backing then.... viola! Homemade mug rug without a 5x7 hoop and in any size/shape.

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almag by almag 29 Sep 2013

You're right and that's how I made my first mugrugs. I made the top 'fabric' by sewing 3/4" strips together first. The mugrugs were very attractive. The next lot had a 4x4 Christmas embroidery and then 3/4" strips - also a big hit. Using the strips didn't even dent my over-flowing stash but it was great fun.

by mary51 20 Sep 2013

Thank you!

by 02kar Moderator 19 Sep 2013

Thanks for sharing the info