by elenu 06 Jun 2008

'Thank you' to all who answered my nut & bolt purchase query. Emails to Janome UK & John Lewis Ptnrs. proved useless - no replies. This is, I'm afraid, business today in the UK!!!


by mpo14011 08 Jun 2008

You know, that stinks.I wonder, if it would be worth it, if I got it for you and posted it to England.It is only small, isn't it?We have a very nice Janome dealer here.Might still be cheaper then buying a new hoop.

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elenu by elenu 08 Jun 2008

Mpo, this is such a kind thought & very much appreciated but . . . . I am now going to tell everyone that I have just rcd email from the Retailer saying that I can order the nut & bolt - hoorah.

by mpo14011 07 Jun 2008

Whatabout the store that sold you your Janome or the person who services it for you.Surely they would know!?

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elenu by elenu 07 Jun 2008

Today I have emailed my Retailer AGAIN Mpo. Had I needed a new machine I would have heard from them but I suspect this item carries only a small profit. I would have expected Customer Relations to be important to them but . . . maybe not . . .

by lbrow 06 Jun 2008

I know it's frustrating elenu, but it's not just the UK seems like it's everywhere. They keep telling me patience is a virtue, but when I need something done I need it done nowl *4U

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elenu by elenu 06 Jun 2008

Yes, I know Ibrow, I admit patience is a virtue. The most irksome thing, for me, is the fact that correspondence is ignored. If I had wanted to buy a machine I bet email replies would have been almost immediate.