by baydreamer 11 Sep 2013

I needed something for the Kitchen, and since I'm not sure if my Crow is a boy or a girl . I thought I would due these in honor of my feather friend.


by marjialexa Moderator 12 Sep 2013

These are just perfect for fall, and so cute and happy. They'll give you a lot of joy, just like your crow-friend. Guess you'll know if "she" sticks around and makes a nest next year, hee hee hee. Hugs, Marji

by powagrl 12 Sep 2013

You did a wonderful job of honoring your feathered friend.
For those people looking for these designs, the crows come from Designs by Juju:
The name banner looks like the one included with 8clawsandapaw's Split Banner Applique Alphabet:

by ClassyProjects 12 Sep 2013

Great job

by justsew 12 Sep 2013

Great work. I love the design.
Hugs pam.

by diamondfowler 12 Sep 2013

would love to do set of these they are so cute would love to be able to buy these designs

by evie 12 Sep 2013

I would love to go and look at these cute designs but...I don't know what you mean with numbers after tahe cute emb, could you explain that.
Thank you

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marjialexa by marjialexa 12 Sep 2013

Evie, please look above, Powagrl has given the links to click on for where the designs may be purchased. Good luck, Marji

by pamelahess 11 Sep 2013

Love this and love the designs. Where did you get the designs if I may ask?

by noah 11 Sep 2013

Love them both hugs

by highlandermom 11 Sep 2013

Love them especially Miss Hectic so fitting to a busy kitchen.

by drh2276 11 Sep 2013

Very cute towels!

by toogie 11 Sep 2013

Your pair are a very cute couple,please state where they are from.Love their names!

by pldc 11 Sep 2013

Very cute set! Perfect for Autumn, hugs Loralye

by airyfairy 11 Sep 2013

Beautifully done. Love them. Sarah

by mnladyus 11 Sep 2013

Really cute, Love all the Fall colors,

by tippi 11 Sep 2013

Love these. So cute.

by darenluan 11 Sep 2013

I like the colors, so cute.

by rsehorse 11 Sep 2013

Very cute and so appropriate for Fall. Great job.
hugs, Susan

by arlet 11 Sep 2013


by dragonflyer 11 Sep 2013

Very cute...I have done kitchen towels for myself...but after I get them done, I can't bring myself to use them..I have some from last Autumn that are still in the kitchen drawer...every time I pull out one for the dishes...I look at them and say to myself..these are just to pretty to use....perhaps I need to revisit this???

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marjialexa by marjialexa 12 Sep 2013

Ok, who is the hair color company, L'Oreal maybe, whose slogan is "Because I'm Worth It!" , hee hee hee. If you have to do those darn dishes, you deserve to wipe them with your pretty dish cloths, and the dishes will like it, too. Honest. Or con a kid into drying dishes with the "good" towels? We do deserve to see and use the prettiness we make, we need to have beauty in even the simple things, and your lovely work really doesn't deserve to be hidden away in a drawer. Hugs, Marji

by oaro 11 Sep 2013


by laffma1 11 Sep 2013

Very cute designs - the colors are great. Nice job!!!