by kylasm 10 Sep 2013

This photo was posted to a recycling page on Facebook just a few days ago. I think this would be a great use for old sweaters or sweatshirts stuffed with socks too worn to repair, rags, used dryer sheets, stuffing from old pillows that have gone flat....


by ajmmjs 12 Sep 2013

i might have to make a couple of these!!!!! how sweet! sincerely,lynne

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by marjialexa Moderator edited 12 Sep 2013

Oh, yes! The sweater with the little moth holes, the one I didn't know was wool and threw in the washer (very tiny kitten bed? hee hee hee), the one the cats put a bunch of pulls in anyway. And, stuff them with those socks I keep meaning to darn but won't ever get around to doing. Superb idea, thanks so much for sharing. I think the idea of making one of these for a pet who has to go to the vet and stay, the smell of home and mommy to comfort them, is a great idea. I'll have to pass this along to my local shelter, something for volunteers to do, collect sweaters and make the beds as well. Best idea in years, thanks again, hugs, Marji

by ribblev 12 Sep 2013

great idea.....thanks for the inspiration.........Ann

by kylasm 12 Sep 2013

I personally thought it would be great for a pet going for surgery, make a bed that smells like home for them to have in their kennel or carrier before and after treatment to calm them.

by kezza2sew 12 Sep 2013

I could not for the life of me work out what it was until I read 'pet beds', then it all makes really good sense....Hmmm now whose jumper do I take first......great idea.

by hsarah 11 Sep 2013

Super. I passed it on to several people who have pets. Thanks

by gramsbear 11 Sep 2013

At first, I could not figure out what you would use it for, but then when I saw "Pet Beds", I really need one of THEM!!! Thanx for posting!!!

by tilde01 11 Sep 2013

That is such a cute and clever idea. Thanks so much for sharing.

by oaro 11 Sep 2013

WOW what a smart idea .Maria

by sewtired 11 Sep 2013

Nifty idea, thanks for sharing. Some people are so clever.
Ansalu, your bunnies are sew cute!

by ansalu 11 Sep 2013

This is a fantastic idea. Never have seen something like this. Think my bunnies would love a smooth bed too cause it is too cold soon to lay around on the ground ;o)

by 02kar Moderator 11 Sep 2013

What a great idea! I have to make sure sdrise sees this. She takes care of cats who are waiting to be neutered or are being nursed back to health. So she needs a lot beds.

by rmj8939 11 Sep 2013

clever idea.

by eggyannie 11 Sep 2013

fab idea for recycling and even small children's jumpers could be used for those tiny cats and dogs
This is a good animal charity fund raiser. Thank you for showing

by tippi 11 Sep 2013

I love this idea. I will have to give it a try.