by kylasm 08 Sep 2013

It was supposed to be just a shirt with his name on it....After several changes in plans over 4 months "mom" finally decided on a onesie with name & applique. A challenge for me since my machine is only a 4x4 but I think it turned out very cute. I washed and ironed it twice just to make sure everything was well put together and looking stylish for the party, lol


by kylasm 09 Sep 2013

Thank you all. It was a labor of love. Timo is a real sweetheart.

by airyfairy 09 Sep 2013

You have done a great job. I know how difficult it can be doing such a small garment. Well done to you. Sarah.

by toogie 08 Sep 2013

Sweet as can be-Toogie

by highlandermom 08 Sep 2013

Super job!

by queenofhearts 08 Sep 2013

Great job, especially being restricted with a 4x4 hoop.

by baydreamer 08 Sep 2013

Oh how cute, on a 4x4 hoop how many hoopings were there

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kylasm by kylasm 09 Sep 2013

Three. I did each word and the applique separately. I drew a grid with an evaporating marker on the front of the onesie. It was 1 of those times when I needed a couple hours of plotting & planning for a few minutes of stitching, lol

by noah 08 Sep 2013

I think it is really cute!!!

by robinbird 08 Sep 2013

Such an adorable onesie design& it bears repeating that you did a great job too( lol a pun). Give your self a nice hug& thanks for sharing it. :~D

by oaro 08 Sep 2013

So cute

by eleen 08 Sep 2013

It looks great. Love it.

by mehhouse 08 Sep 2013

It turned out adorable. Great job.

by jussyc 08 Sep 2013

Pat yourself on the back, you have done such a fab job on this Onesie, even more so with a 4x4 hoop.. Best wishes Jussy :)

by babolucia 08 Sep 2013

You did such a wonderful job with your little hoop. Onesies are hard to do. Well done!

by dragonflyer 08 Sep 2013

Nicely done...especially with a 4x4 hoop!