by jayce 31 Aug 2013

I am so disappointed at having to wait days for the 'daily' design at amazingembroiderydesigns


by rescuer Moderator 31 Aug 2013

Like the other's I have downloaded the daily designs at amazing just fine. Perhaps you were thinking of the free designs in September. If you look at the top of this page you should see a orange banner. That link will take you to a separate daily freebie here on Cute.
Enjoy all the free designs! We are so blessed to be given so many wonderful designs for free.

by ansalu 31 Aug 2013

Could you explain a little bit more? They are changing every day (around 4pm here in Germany).

ansalu by ansalu 31 Aug 2013

Okay today I could not dl the files. Tried it in jef and pes (have a Janome and a brother) with Google Chrome and Firefox and it did not work. The files were empty and my system could not open them :o(

rescuer by rescuer 31 Aug 2013

I just downloaded and opened both jef and pes with my software. Try again to see if it works now.

by mops Moderator 31 Aug 2013

I don't know what you mean, I got a new Birthdaynumber everyday and am sure #5 will be posted later today.

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mops by mops 31 Aug 2013

And it was. So go and have a look.