by dchamberssc 21 Aug 2013

My largest project to date! Hand crocheted christening dress. The dress is lined with linen and the baby's name and christening date embroidered along the hem. Not sure I will ever attempt this again, so hopefully my daughter in law's sister, passes it on to my grandbabies one day!


by dchamberssc 22 Aug 2013

thanks everyone :) and for the great suggestion of putting my name and date made on a small label inside. I had not thought of that, but would like to think if its handed down, that someone in the future will know I crocheted and embroidered it !

by baldacchino 22 Aug 2013

Very nice I like to Crochet as will as doing Embroidery

by jerrib 21 Aug 2013

What a lovley Heirloom keepsake. I hope future generations take good care of it. You should put a little label with your name and date it was made.
Hugs Jerri

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dchamberssc by dchamberssc 22 Aug 2013

thanks for the tip! :)

by zedna 21 Aug 2013

Lovely gown!

by pldc 21 Aug 2013

This is beautiful! You have done an outstanding job on this. Hugs Loralye

by oaro 21 Aug 2013

you made beautiful dress

by noah 21 Aug 2013

one word EXCELLENT:):)

by highlandermom 21 Aug 2013

Gorgeous gown a beautiful heirloom for sure.

by babolucia 21 Aug 2013


by 02kar Moderator 21 Aug 2013

It is beautiful! Certainly an heirloom for the future grandbabies

by sbott54 21 Aug 2013

What a beautiful treasure you've created. It surely will be passed down through the generations. How wonderfully done. I, too, love making christening gown, so the little ones will be blessed by love.